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OPITO Expansion Overview

Review of CMS composition and requirements to include in OPITO certificate

Franklin Brown

on 19 June 2016

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Transcript of OPITO Expansion Overview

OPITO Expansion Overview
Competency Management System
7 Main Components
Practices and Standards
Division Specific Competency Guidelines
Expansion Steps
Learning and
Performance Guidelines
Level 1 Document
Mentor Guidelines
Level 1 Document
Level 1 Document
Level 2 Document
Level 3 Documents
Competency Management System
Level 1 Document
Division Specific Competency
Competency Packages &
Assessor Guides
Why we did it..........................
4 Corporate Level 1 Documents
1 Division Level 2 Document
2 Division Level 3 Document
Competency Package
Particular knowledge & skills for an employee position or equipment
Assessor Guide
Defined scenarios, interview questions, test bank, assessment form
Content is provided by the Division
Provides Guidance and Oversight of entire system
Provides guidance on education and competence
Designed to change as rapidly as the industry changes
Covers Training Administration and Course Development

Learning partnership between employees
Bridges gap between theory and practice
Covers Policies and Procedures, Training of Mentors, Talent Management, Auditing of the Mentoring System

Provides guidance to the process used to validate competence
Policies and Procedures, Training of Assessors, Talent Management, Auditing of Assessment

How we did it..........Design and Manage

On the Job Training
Skill Tasks for Covered Positions:
As defined in Division Specific
Based on Competency Packages
Curriculum Development
Curriculum Development Team
Subject Matter Experts
Custom made for Division needs
Courses and Skill Tasks,

Use of Kirkpatrick evaluations to measure effectiveness of course by both employee and manager
Instructor led
Virtual Classroom
Verification of Program
Internal Audits
External Audits
OPITO will perform audits at the physical locations where the CMS program is active on an annual basis.

OPITO has a requirement to ensure that a technically proficient
conducts assessments and a
verifies the objectivity and quality of assessments
The CMS will be included in the scope of the Quality Management Program
Internal audits will utilize criteria of the OPITO CMS Desktop Submission at a minimum
The CMS adheres to the the Internal and External ISO 9001-2008 audits as applicable
Field Assessor and
OPITO Qualified Assessor
Field Assessor conducts assessments in the working environment / field using Competency Package

OPITO Qualified Assessor conducts assessments based on Assessor Guide and with assessment form

All assessments records Field and OPITO will be recorded in LMS (skill tasks and assessment forms)

Basis for Analysis
Based on position, certain learnings are documented with diplomas, industry certifications,
System KPIs:
Corp Level defined in CMS Manual
Management Review defined in CMS and/or DISCO
CMS program survey via Metrics That Matter
Employee KPIs:
Division Level
Specific Targets and Goals

Regulatory / SEMS Compliance
Growth of OII Personnel
Basis for Competence
How do our employees stack up?

Evidence :
Work History
Work Product
Expert Witness
Assess Evidence not Person
Division Responsibility
Division Specific Guidelines
Training Courses
Competency Packages
Assessor Guides
Provides particulars regarding how CMS will work for Division
Addresses Learning, Mentoring, Assessing and Competence
Establishes resources, scope and covered positions

Mentor Training
Course is active and has been deployed
E-Learning Module
All Covered positions will undergo Mentor Training

Mentors need to be assigned by functional manager
Mentors will need to establish a mentoring plan with Mentees prior to mentoring session
Mentoring will be based on competency packages
Assessor Training
Filed Assessor E-Learning Course is active deployed in LMS
OPITO Assessor Instructor Led Course: Utilizes
CMS specific content
that is tailored to Oceaneering
OPITO Assessor Course will be administered by Corporate with courses executed by approved instructors / vendors

Field Assessors will need to be available on job sites and be
to conduct assessments

Rating scale of 1-5, with a minimum score of 3 to be competent

Official records will be maintained in the LMS/TMS database

OPITO Assessments will be audited by verifiers (internal or external)
OPITO Assessments will be deemed either Competent or Not Yet Competent

Roll out to Divisions
Requirements and Responsibility: (D= Division
C = Corporate
Competency Management System Guidelines - C
Learning and Performance Guidelines - C
Mentoring Guidelines - C
Assessing Guidelines - C
Division Requirements for Inclusion in CMS - D
Division Goals and Measurement Strategy - D
DISCO development-D
DISCO review / approval - C
Competency Packages-D
Competency Package Approval - C
Assessor Guides-D
Training: Mentor, Field Assessor, OPITO Assessor-C
Execution: Mentoring and Assessments-D
Metrics Reporting / Analysis-D
Internal Audit-D
Division Management Review - D
Corporate Management Review-C
Desktop Submission-D
Desktop review / approval-C
Management Audit of Division CMS - C
External Audit by OPITO-C (annual audit JAN 2016)
Grandfathering is not recognized by the
CMS. Do not include any grandfathering statements
Clients and Environment
Global Recognition
OII Healthcheck
OPITO CMS Desktop Criteria
Division specific ISO Audit
1. Introduction
2. Philosophy of Training Strategy
3. Training Administration
4. Course Development
5. OPITO Competence Assessor Training
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