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No description

Being Agile

on 7 April 2015

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Transcript of oep

Opportunity Execution Project Product Overview Marketing Strategy Partnerships Distribution Costs Revenue Model Risk Partners
Allies Funding The Team vTrack.net vTrack provides a wide range of solutions and a library of GPS devices to meet your needs. Here are a few of the key benefits that can be gained when you deploy vTrack’s Field Staff Tracking and GPS vehicle tracking solutions:

Field Staff Tracking
It is mobile-web application integration to assing the jobs from a controlling office to field staff and monitor their location against the assigned targets.

GPS Vehicle Tracking
Following are the key fetures of GPS Vehicel Tracking solution:

•Control Fuel Costs
•Reduce Operating Expenses
•Increase Productivity
•Improve Customer Service
•Increase Fleet Safety
•Reduce Unauthorized Vehicle Use and Improve Recovery Business Model Develop a multi-lingual mobile - web application, and hardware based solution to track the field staff, assets and vehicles. Market it in Middle East and Asian Countries. Our marketing strategy is based on the following segments:

Networking with Companies Key Positions and Decission Makers
Direct Marketing - sales letters, brochures, flyers
Advertising - print media, directories
Training Programs - to increase awareness
Write Articles to become known as an experts
Publicity/Press Releases
Participation in Trade Shows
Web site Sales Strategy Generate the revenue from monthly and yearly subscritptions. We adopted sales-oriented "4S" approach which allows us to provide your company with lasting corporate excellence and clearly improved sales performance.

The starting point consists of the development of a potential-oriented sales strategy, the derivation of clear targets and success control as well as concrete realization packages
"Structure follows strategy“: optimal organizational structures within the sales division and strategic sales processes with clearly defined responsibilities as well as sales and customer-oriented tools lead to more sales-effective time at the customer
An integrated tool is used for the sales administration which supports the management of the complete sales funnel in all relevant components: from customer analysis, planning, customer dialog, and campaign management to reporting
Proven sales strategies / instruments and sales qualification programs for the employees are used to support the sales We are parterned with Insurance companies and banks for Vehicle Tracking. The products are self installable. So, we sell the products direct to end users. For increase the sale process, we are using cj.com and shareasale.com - commission based selling networks. Overheads: $30000/ Year
Marketing: $10000/ Year
Solution Development: $150000

Total: $190000

Inventory Building: $500000
Sales and Support: 310000

Grand Total: $1M vTrack Feiled Staff Tracker
Monthly Subscription: $10
Yearly Subscription: $100

vTrack Assets and Vehicle Tracking
Hardware: $150 One Time
Yearly Subscription: $150 Low GPRS Signals Areas Mobile Network Outage Downtime of Amazon AWS - Web Services High Latency Already Funded - $1M MAPQuest
Google and Yahoo Maps
Commission Junction
Share a Sale Most of the team was formed on Venture Lab by using already known people who helped to convert the idea into a workable solution. Prototype: http://vtrack.net Thanks Prototype: http://vtrack.net Market UAE, Egypt, Saudi Arab and Asian Countries - Estimated $50M/ Year No Competition
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