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Art in New Zealand

A Description of My Edge Project

Anna Nygaard

on 13 January 2013

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Transcript of Art in New Zealand

Anna Nygaard Math in Art The Project Why THIS Project? Preparation Hi! I'm Anna I am a senior at SUU and am in the Education Department to become a high school and middle school math teacher. Through my explorations and research of the Fibonacci Sequence, I know I can engage all of my art minded students and get them interested in the subject of math. This trip will take place May 6-19 and will cost approximately $4,000. Through the help of my mentor (Deb Snyder, Art and Design professor) I'll conduct research and assemble a research paper on the fascinating subject of Fibonacci's Sequence while also incorporating the culture of New Zealand. I adore math and everything to do with it. This year, for my EDGE project, I've decided to travel to New Zealand and study the Fibonacci Sequence in nature and art.
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