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15 minutes on social media with Sheraton

Short presentation on social media. Takes its start in an old advertising slogan by Telia, the Swedish equivalent of BT or Ma Bell. See blog post for more info: http://www.hultberg.org/2011/04/15-minutes-on-social-media/

Magnus Hultberg

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of 15 minutes on social media with Sheraton

Seven Dials The power of social media Listen. Tell stories.
Be honest, generous, relevant and fun. Engage with real people Opening first released on Twitter 1600 booking requests in 4 hours, 300 on Twitter Social media and UK business 80% 83% 58% 51% 8% Ludicrously low cost (but keep track of time!) Tremendous reach 5% We don't do nothing with social media... Nothing changes.
Everything is new. Facebook has more than 500 million active users
50% log on to Facebook in any given day
Average Facebook user has 130 friends
People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook
44% of UK internet users aged 16 and over are on a social network
Social networks account for 11.6% of all UK internet visits Social media drives business 2.2 billion Google searches each day
200,000 searches for restaurants this hour
People trust friends, not ads (78% prefer recommendations)
35% research their next restaurant visit online
Being active in social media increases search engine traffic to retailer websites Top tip: pay close attention Facebook Insights
Google Alerts (blogs / news)
HootSuite / Tweetdeck (Twitter) Magnus Hultberg, Happy Herring
magnus.hultberg@happyherring.com This is such a great photo of a few of the lovely people at Hawksmoor (Will is the guy with the huge mouth on the right) and I really wanted to use this but couldn't due to copyright restrictions... (Also see presentation notes on: http://ow.ly/4BEG9)
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