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No description

Paul Jenkins

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of TinyEYE

Early Majority
build your organization - you can't do it all ( and don't want too, either)

find the right (investment) partner
don't bet on one option

build your network - from the front row
use social media - wisely !

collect knowledge wherever you can - and ongoingly never stop

change the environment you are in !
TinyEYE Europe
from dream to reality

"Techies" - not ...
Early Adopters
The Chasm
Late Majority - off to the next step !
Laggards- end of the road ? start thinking of the next product
Paul & Elisa
Engineer & Speech Therapist
Employees mindset

a dream... working on it 24/7

Work on changing your mindset!
You will need Friends, Family and Fools to help you

Be armed:
more than 1 bank account ... and at least 1 credit card

Think out of the box
proven concept
proven track record
keep chasing the money
we're still to get here....

Sometimes it takes a very long time...

Speed up! mutiply by sharing

You will only attract partners and investors if you have done something yourself!

Friends Family & Fools will help keep you going

Surprises on the way !
:-) VLT
:-) TinyEYE...

Dare to make mistakes!!
and persevere nevertheless

More surprises :( - and angels

- don't trust too much in others - and too little in yourself:
- watch the money - and don't let it run out ! Guard your Creditcard and your bank credit
- chase the new money in time !

Be aware that it will
- cost twice as much
- take twice as long
- deliver half the result
next adventure
next adventure
expansion to Belgium, Germany, Italy ...
(with apologies to Geoffrey Moore et al )
: think in time ahead to new products, new markets
Thank you for your attention!

Curious for more ?

send us an e-mail
paul@tinyeye.eu ,
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