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First Day of Schooooooool!

Policies, procedures, and what students need to know.

Chandra Nelson

on 30 June 2014

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Transcript of First Day of Schooooooool!

To Mrs. Nelson's Science Class!
7th Grade Integrated Science
8th Grade Integrated Science
Earth Systems

Classroom Policies
1. Treat each person in this class with
and dignity!
2. Be in assigned seat and working on bellwork when the bell rings.
3. Bring all materials (pencils, binder, etc) to class each day and
take it with you when you leave.
4. Follow all directions the
first time
they are given.
5. Follow all policies and procedures set by the school and district.
This is a NO WHINING ZONE! That means there will be no whining for any reason. Everything I do is in your best interest, so please respect the "no whining zone" this year.
"Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand."
- Albert Einstein
Happy first day of Schooooooooooool!
Every decision has a consequence. When guidelines are followed, we have a stress-free learning environment. When a policy is broken, it results in a
Policy Infraction Notice
Policy Infraction Notice
Correct your Behavior [ ]
Return to Task [ ]
Offense: ____________________________________________________________

Please see me after class!

Conference Result: __________________________________________________

Student Signature: ________________________Date: __________________
Classroom Procedures
How to enter the room
Enter the room calmly and quietly (no racing, diving, standing in the doorway, any of that nonsense) and find your seat. Start your
Bell Ringer
right away.
Bell Ringer
When you are tardy
When I need your attention
I will stand at the front of the room and raise my hand. When you see this signal, please stop what you are doing (including talking), raise your hand, and give me your attention.
Turning in papers
When I call for a paper, I will ask for the assignment and show an example. Everyone should check to make sure their name is at the top of the paper, then pass the paper forward. Once all the papers are at the front, the first row will pass the papers to the left and I will pick them up from corner kid.
If you are unprepared for class
Didn't bring the right materials? Forgot your homework? You get the
Yellow Card
! Fill out a student responsibility card and turn it in to me. You will be expected to come prepared the following day.
What to do after an absence
Do NOT ask me if we did anything, of course we did! Any homework due during your absence will be due the day you return. All handouts and assignments given during your absence will be in the
Homework Folder
. There will also be a signature sheet for you to sign so I know you received your assignments. You will have 5 days to complete the homework. If you missed a test, schedule a time with me to make it up ASAP.
If you have a scheduled check out
Let me know at the beginning of class when you will be leaving. When it's time to go, quietly get my attention, pack your things, and leave at the the scheduled time. In case of emergencies, get my attention and I will help you.
Class participation
Each trimester, every student will start with a 120 point participation assignment. You are expected to earn participation points every day. If you chose to be disruptive, not turn in assignments, etc, you will lose points for the day. If you exceed expectations, there is an opportunity to earn extra credit for this assignment.

I expect everyone to participate in class assignments and discussions. Your comments and questions should be relevant to the current discussion. If you have a question that is off topic, please write it down for later.
What to do if you finish early
You have several choices. Work on unfinished homework (for this or any class), read a book, read a science magazine, draw something scientific, design an experiment, etc. As long as you are occupied and not disturbing anyone.
Class dismissal
The bell does not dismiss you, I do! I will always give you plenty of time to pack up, so please don't do it while I'm still talking. I will dismiss class when everyone is ready to go and siting quietly in your seats.
Special Procedures
There will be special procedures for labs, computer labs, library days, etc. I will discuss those procedures later, when necessary.
What to do when we have visitors
I expect each of you to treat any visitors to our classroom with respect and dignity. When you have a substitute, continue to follow the class procedures, but follow the procedures given to you by the sub as well. Show our visitors how well you know these procedures and what amazing students you are!
Quietly take your seat and begin working. If you have a note excusing your tardy, put it on my desk. If you have no note, I will give you a
Yellow Card
to fill out and turn in at the end of the class.
Name: _____________________
Date: ______________________

Yellow Card!
Completing your assignment is your responsibility as a student.

Missing Assignment: __________________________________________________

I do not have my assignment today because:

[ ] I did the assignment, but I did not bring it to class.
[ ] I chose not to do the assignment.
[ ] I forgot to do the assignment.
[ ] I didn’t have the appropriate materials at home.
[ ] Other — please explain below.

Signature: ________________________________________________
Discipline Action Plan

Please complete this form with a parent and turn it in to me tomorrow.

A. Issue:

B. Cause of issue (list factors):

C. How will you solve it?

Date: ___________________

Signature: __________________________________________________________

Parent Signature: ____________________________________________________
Who is this Teacher?
My Info
My Credentials
My History
Why I am a Science Teacher
My Family
My Man
Other Things I Love
What I Expect of You
Chandra J Nelson
January 7
My number is on your disclosure. I'm happy to help any time, but please be respectful.
Bachelor of Science degree from Southern Utah University, majoring in Biology
Secondary Education Licensure from SUU
Endorsements in Biological Science, Environmental Science, and Middle-level Science
Lab Safety Certification from USTA
SUU College of Science award for Outstanding Biology Education Major
Levi is an engineer (brilliant and creative)
We were married December 22, 2007
No kids yet, but we'll have, like, six or seven eventually.
I'm crazy about him!
Chocolate and Peppermint
(and hedgehogs)
Outdoor Recreation
Exercising and Legos
I belong here.
You belong here.
You belong here.
There is so much to discover! There is no end to exploration!
You can learn why and how things work.
You can be creative and imaginative.
You can find beauty in unexpected places.
You can use really cool words like Clostridium botulinum, olicron process, Molybdenum, quasar, sphygmomanometer, etc., etc.!
I have always loved to learn. I have such a curiosity to know about everything and I’m always full of questions. I want to help others find so much joy in learning new things and help them achieve the best education possible. I believe that the gift of education is one of the most important we will receive in life and I want to give it!
Science Rules!
I'm a life-long learner and seeker of self improvement.
I have very high expectations of all of you! You can achieve anything you set your mind to and I will help you get there! I expect every one of you to be exceptional students and I invite each one of you to surpass the standards I have set for you and have the most memorable school year yet.
I will expect a lot from you, but I will always treat you fairly.
You can think of an Infraction Notice as your warning.
3 Step Discipline Plan
You complete the Action Plan with a parent. Think of this as a contract stating you will fix the problem. Parent contact is included!
The final step is a Disciplinary Referral. This is when school administrators become involved and they will apply a fitting consequence for the situation.
Any student who uses profanity, fights, destroys property, or is disrespectful (as determined by the teacher) will be sent to the office
Severe Clause:
Special Policy
Welcome to my class!
We're going to have an amazing year!

Baby Hudson 7-19-2012
It is your responsibility to start class each day. Every day there will be a Bell Ringer posted on the board. Come in, find your seat, and immediately start the Bell Ringer. You will record every Bell Ringer in the second section of your Science Notebook.
Classes I Have Taught
6th Grade Science
7th Grade Science
8th Grade Science
Earth Systems Science
Me (oldest)
Cord (youngest)
Classic Cars
Up Next...
This June!
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