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Allied Peers - P2P Insurance on Ethereum

No description

Elias Haase

on 13 March 2015

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Transcript of Allied Peers - P2P Insurance on Ethereum

The Problem
Insurance tends to operate with a massive overhead
Not everyone has ready access to cheap insurance policies
We still rely on
trusted parties
to decide on claims

Collaborative risk management
Customer education
Risk evaluation
Reinsurance & Legal challenges

Get in touch

P2P Insurance
Image by Tom Mooring
Allied Peers - P2P Insurance on Ethereum
Policy DAO
Regulated Fiat Broker

Work with regulators to accept proof of stake
Instant exchange?
The data-driven subset
Every public data that has local & individual input could feature smart contract insurance policies.

eg. crop failure, carbon trading certificates
Step 1 - PoC DApp
Step 2 - Establish P2P insurance DAO
Step 3 - Establish regulated broker for fiat access
Accessible to everyone
Infrastructure Layer & API for policy modeling
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