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Poverty in Mind: Chapter 4

No description

Kyle Harris

on 16 November 2012

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Transcript of Poverty in Mind: Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Schoolwide
Success Factors Improving Schools with
Low SES Population "Be the change..." Chapter 4: Schoolwide Success Factors 3 important steps to become a data friendly school
IQ scores do not determine destiny
Formative Assessment
Action Steps
Develop criteria for the data you need
Gather only data you need (SCARF)
Analyze and share data
Develop plans to apply Hard Data Poverty's effect on relationships
Schools can provide relationships and reverse damage
Best practices
Bell Chasse Primary School
Build relationships among staff
Build relationships among students
Build relationships between students and staff Relationship Building Theory and Research
Best teachers used well-paced, engaging, respectful, and demanding direct instruction
Improve teacher effectiveness
Lower achievers gained first and most
Attitude, "Because we have less, we must provide more."
No wasted opportunities
Well designed IEP's
Monitor progress
wide variety of data
"Enrich like crazy" and get the edge
achievement levels are floor, not ceiling
fresh, engaged learning
3 strategies with combination of top-down and bottom-up being the best Enrichment Mind-set There is no "waiting for a miracle"

These schools have done more than just talk
about change Maslow's Hierarchy Of Needs Support the Whole Child Preuss School, La Jolla, California
Staff has high expectations
Feelings of support lead to effort, high attendance, high graduation
Self-discipline > IQ
Conform to your school by surveying student needs
medical care
Parent outreach Accountability of Schools No excuses- provide positive contrast and consistent sustainability
Use our 28% "access" wisely
form positive relationships
engage and challenge
cannot resign ourselves to other 72% How?
Increase teachers' control and authority
Value teachers
Redesign staffing roles Teaching with Poverty in Mind Off the Path overdoing pep talks and hot air
planning endlessly
putting kids first and staff LAST
creating a climate of fear
measuring improvement only through test scores
treating symptoms, not causes
counting on BIG wins quickly Continue on the Path
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