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Gambino Crime Family


Ashlynn Dickman

on 4 December 2012

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Transcript of Gambino Crime Family

Ashlynn Dickman Gambino Crime Family Year Of Origination The Gambino Crime Family originated in the early 1900's as a part of an organization called the "Honored Society" and was under a boss named Don Vito. He was a killer for the organization and was “made” at the age of nineteen. He was smuggled out of Sicily when Benito Mussolini was making trouble for the "Honored Society" and vowed to end organized crime in Italy and Sicily. Carlo Gambino Members There is not a known number of how many people are a part of the Gambino Crime Family, but it is said they have 200 made members and 300 more associates, many in their twenties and thirties currently. Territory Crime Activity The Gambino Crime Family is know for racketeering, extortion, fraud, gambling, money laundering, robbery, drug traffiking, and hijacking. Rivals The Gambino Crime Family has many rivals including various gangs over New York City, including their allies. The Gambino Crime Family started in Sicily as part of an organization called the "Honored Society" The Founding Member Carlo Gambino went to New York and began working for Castellano. He worked for Castellano as a rum runner, driver and sitting shotgun during the prohibition era. Gambino went to work with Vincent Mangano. Mangano controlled the Brooklyn docks. Carlo Gambino brought in Paul Castellano as his aide, later Gambino was named capo of his own crew. In1951, Vincent Mangano had "mysteriously disappeared" and t Albert Anastasia took control of the family and a few years later, in 1956, Anastasia named Carlo Gambino as his under boss, about a year later, Anastasia was murdered while sitting in a barber shop with hot towels on his face. Thus began the Gambino crime family dynasty The Gambino Crime Family controls verious neighborhoods in New York City, Upstate New York, and other areas including Long Island. I think people turn to gangs because they do not have a real family, or people to love them. They join gangs for power and to hurt people because they have been hurt before. I think the law should be to ban gangs. I feel that gang members get away with too much stuff and it is unfair and unsafe.
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