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Pretty Little Liars

By: Taylor, Melina, Vanessa and Kendra

Taylor edg

on 1 November 2012

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Transcript of Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Ten Commandments After the loss of a close friend, four teenage girls begin to receive mysterious text messages from an unknown source that goes by the name of "A" ! The anonymous person knows all of their deepest secrets that they thought only Allison knew. Five girls are having a sleepover at Spencer's Cottage on a stormy night. After the four girls pass out, Aria wakes up to find Spencer and Alison gone. Then Spencer comes back to find all the girls awake and explains that Ali's missing and she heard a scream. Introduction Rising Action When school starts the girls start to receive anonymous text messages that are shown to be from "A" as in Alison. The text's are of secrets that only the receiver and Alison knew about it. Climax The criminal must be someone mentioned in the early part of the story, but must not be anyone who's thoughts the reader has been allowed to follow. This was Mona, Hanna's recent best friend. Getting to Know the Show ! Aria Montgomery Hanna Marin Spencer Hastings Emily Fields Alison De Laurentiis when Aria comes back from Europe the four best friends are reunited again. Ever since the incident with Alison, the girls had drifted but as the girls start to get closer again some incidents start to occur. Season 1 Episode 1, The Pilot Falling Action Conclusion After Alisons body is found a funeral takes place. Most of the town comes, along with the four girls. After the girls see that Alisons body is clearly there, they think that they wont get anymore text's. But after the funeral all four girls receive a text at the same time from "A". Theme Symbolism Secrecy The main characters all keep secrets that they wish to keep to themselves. Spencer, kissed her sister's ex boyfriend, Aria dates her teacher, Emily is in a same sex relationship with a girl named Maya, and Hanna & her mom are broke. All of the girls share one dark secret that they must not tell. Getting threatening, secret text messages they've been receiving as a group and as individuals from an anonymous person, who calls themselves "A". Irony In this episode you see
two types of Irony. Verbal and Situational. Conflict Characterization Implicit The characters are implicit characterization because the audience is left to explore the character’s personality through their actions, speech, thoughts, appearance and interaction with other characters. This can be done by describing how a character reacts to certain situations. In this episode you
see many kinds of Conflict, such as
- Man vs Circumstance
- Man vs Self, and
-External Conflict Man Vs. Circumstance The four girls had to deal with ALisons death which was obviously very hard for them considering she was one of their closest friends. Man Vs. Self When Hanna's father left her and her mom it was
an emotional and difficult time for Hannah, therefore
she goes through a stage of stealing. External Conflict - Aria wants to be able to date her English
teacher but Society obviously does not allow that.
- There is tension between Aria and her father ever since she found out about her dad cheating
on her mom. Forshadowing When the girls get a text from "A" they believe it is Alison. It is foreshadowed that something to do with Alison is going to occur because they believe she is back. Detective Fiction Genre Pretty Little Liars has multiple thrilling, dramatic scenes in which the girls are constantly trying to avoid to get to their main goal. With Alison's murder, and the anonymous text's from the source A, a crime is always trying to be solved. This is why Pretty Little Liars genre is drama and crime. Not more than one secret room or passage. No hitherto undiscovered poisons were used, nor nay appliances which needed a long scientrific explanation at the end People of a certain descent did not figure into the story. The detective does not commit the crime. The detective does not shed light on any clues which are instantly produced for the inspection of the reader. The stupid friend of the detective, the watson, does not conceal any thoughts which pass through its mind. Twin brothers and doubles do not appear. THE END!
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