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A brief review about why I would be a great asset for Prezi

So Prezi is actually looking for a french support specialist and it might be one good opportunity since I have many skills which could fit the needs of Prezi. My Prezi has been uploaded, Way to go Esteban :)

Esteban Giner

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of A brief review about why I would be a great asset for Prezi

Hi !
My name is Esteban !
And this is a prezi about why I would be a great asset for... prezi !
But first, before preziting myself, let me ask you some questions
What'up ?
I'm fine, thank you, now let's get to work !
What do you want to know about me ?
(your text : I'm fine, and you ?)
(your text : ok, maybe you can start by introducing yourself ?)
Ok ! So maybe, I should tell you how I became what I am today !
I was born born nearby Paris in 1990
(your text : okay, let's stop right, this is way too far in time.)
Let's make it short & clear :

In 2008, I got my Baccalauréat ;
In 2011, I succeeded my bachelor degree specialized in marketing, international communication & management
I was also the Major of my prom for 3 years in a row :)
In 2013, I got my master degree specialized in web-organizations management (which kind of fit what prezi is).

And once again, I majored the two years of my master degree.
And you might think : Hey what a nerd !
The thing is that I have been working throughout my education in many companies & I can justify for at least 3 years in the field of marketing, management and communication
Chapter 1 : The apprentice
From 2011 to 2012 I worked for a company named FAVI,SA in France where I redesigned all the graphic chart. Today, they use the logos I created.
It allowed me to best great softwares like :
About the same time I created my first website,
which was made using impress.js sorry :(
I discovered that coding was not my passion though I can now easily understand :
I really mean it when I said I was sorry :s.
Impress.js was buggy and I almost immediately changed the website as soon as I discovered wordpress
Chapter 2 : The professional
It's true, I am a nerd
and a geek
Me :

This is the part that will interest you.

Yeah sincerely.

So, as I said before I started my first own website

It's about e-education, I teach economy, marketing, negociation, how-to for photoshop

Yep, You can check easynomie.com
You :

I hope so

Ok, so keep with your story

What is this website about ?

Can I go there ?
I made everything on this website
I designed it, I created all the content which gathers :

Educative playthrough ( I am currently playing Democracy 3)
And thanks to that, I am starting to be well-known on the internet.
My best achievement so far :
I make around 700 views per week on slideshare
feel free to check me :
Chapter 3 : What I will bring to prezi
Currently I work for the French Institute of Budapest which you may have heard about if you are living in Budapest

What do You need ? A guy with :
management skills
Internet skills
Software skilled
Who loves make presentations
A nerd and a geek
who wants to improve himself
who wants to have responsibilities
Who is well-aware of the internet-culture, habits, customs, etc.

and french-speaking is a plus ;)
So let me prove you that I am this guy you need with a series of pictures
This is me in Budapest
This is me & myselves having a discussion
This is me & myself working by ourselves
And this is me & myself about how we fix stuff
I think this prezume is about to end, though I really enjoyed using prezi. So I should give you the last details !
I have been contacted by Kinga Fekete through LinkedIn for this job, please check my LinkedIn profile to have much more details about me.
You can check my slideshare account and my youtube account (easynomie) to see what I have produced (of course you can check easynomie.com to see the entire content).
You will find much more information in my resume, I did not want to put everything here.

You can contact me by email :
This is what I said in this prezume
This is what I want to tell you
I want to tell you why
I am a fan of IT and Technology
I am a French and fluent English speaker and good at both languages and I am learning Chinese.
I have experience in social media and customer care
I love supporting and making people around me better
I love traveling between continents, understand and participate to the challenges of an international company. (By the way, I have been living in France, Norway, China and now, Hungary)
I am passionate about ideas, bringing happiness and creating communities with the customers, and mentoring/teaching others
I am a self-starter but also a collaborative team player
I am data driven and research oriented (I love data, especially when it is beautiful)
I want to tell you
I am good with technologies
I am a fast learner
I am fast to understand complex situations
I love EVERYTHING, seriously, no kidding
I am a team-player
I love the way start-ups work
I love making beautiful things
I love discussing about ideas
Ans I still want to tell you
I am used to work under pressure
I have many subjects to talk about
I love sciences
I love arts & design
I love technologies
I am really optimistic
I learn everything I can as a sponge would keep all the water it cans
I love being amazed & discovering anything
I love changing my habits & finding more efficient ways to do things
I want to make the french & english support of Prezi famous for its effectiveness, community and I want to make the customers to have fun while we fix and find solutions to their problems.
I love photography, cinema, music & videogames
I love TED talks
I love typography
I am very sensitive about design
(I love Budapest & eating Turo Rudi)
I am a Chargé de Mission for the French Embassy in Hungary & I am a part-time teacher in BBF : Budapest Business School.
Esteban Giner minimalist prezume
At least, let me tell you I am currently
living in Budapest :)
Sorry, I was actually having fun with this amazing app. (Isn't it how people should feel while using prezi ?)
Some troubles I want to share
I am used to the french AZERTY keyboard and not really good with the magyar Qwertz.
I need a good computer to work with. I am currently working with an old Windows XP2 at my work and I can not stand it anymore. It really bugs me a lot.
I like being pro apple with pro windows and linux people and I like being pro windows with pro-apple people. (The same goes for Apple and Samsung).
I want to have fun at work & I want to be proud of the company I'll be working hard for

(By the way)
If you want, you can check some of my last work here :
on fubiz.net :
on my flickr account :
This is the music I listen to that I want to share with you :
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