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Digital Citisenship

No description

Max Starr

on 18 November 2013

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Transcript of Digital Citisenship

Aware of What you put Online
Be Responsible
Aware What Happens Online
Digital Citizenship
Digital Footprint
Don't post any inappropriate content
the web is completely public
anyone can see what you look like in the social networking sites
And finally, you did not just win a new iPad and you are not the one millionth viewer
Data Security(foreign country)
There is a Korean law stating that all major websites must require Korean Social security number and phone number to confirm it
90% of Korean's personal info got hacked
Cyber Bullying
Anyone can be cyber bullied
You can be cyber bullied by anyone on the internet
Like trash talking in social sites or mean text messages
cyber bullying lead to depression and self harm
By: John Jang, Brian Chu, Eric Enbom, and Max Starr
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