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ISIS prezi

Learn what isis is!

Joanna Perez

on 24 February 2015

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Transcript of ISIS prezi

What is ISIS?
ISIS stands for Islamic State of Iraq and Syria .
Who or what countries are involved?
The people included in ISIS believe they are an "extreme interpretation of Sunni Islam" and believe that they are the only true believers or Muslims. They treat the rest of the world as non-believers who seek to destroy Islam and use that to justify their attacks.
What is being done to fix this?
David Cameron and President Barack Obama have formed a 'core coalition' or ten nations to confront the threat posed by ISIS. UK had pledged to consider "every option possible" to protect the life of a British hostage. The US is currently conducting limited air strikes at specific ISIS targets in Iraq.
More Details
What is this picture?
Why is this a conflict?
The men of ISIS have killed 24,000
people because of their beliefs.
This is one out of many of the attacks of ISIS. They are about to be head 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians.


The people of ISIS are a part of Sunni Islam. Large parts of Iraq and Syria have been taken over by ISIS.
How does this impact N. Africa/ Southwest Asia?
Isis is trying to take over the as many countries as they possibly can. They have already taken over large parts or Iraq and Syria. They are killing whoever they want & as many people they want, they are also taking hostages and caging them.
How does this impact the rest of the world?
ISIS in Iraq has completely changes the balance of power in the country; this threatens not just Iraq itself, but it could possibly lead to the redrawing of borders across the wider region. It could effect the Us by pushing moderate Sunnis towards the Us-Iran camp in the medium term if ISIS adopts a fundamentalist interpretation of Islam which is very likely.
How long has this been going on?
ISIS was initially established in Iraq in 2004. So this Isis has been going on for about 10 years. Over 24,000 people have been killed by this terrorist group.
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