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Andrea's Opening Goodnoe Elementary School 2012-13

An opening day presentation for students to establish classroom rules and procedures.

andrea mangold

on 21 September 2012

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Transcript of Andrea's Opening Goodnoe Elementary School 2012-13

Welcome to the Library at
Goodnoe Elementary! Meet your library teachers! Mrs. Sava & Mrs. Minetola Mrs. Mangold & Mrs. Labold About Mrs. Mangold... I live in in Richboro Georgia is my dog. She is an Australian Shepherd. I grew up in Philadelphia My favorite city: Rome, Italy Favorite Sports Team:
Philadelphia Flyers I graduated from Temple University & Lasalle University My favorite Books:
Harry Potter series My dream car: Porsche Panamera My favorite hobby: Photography The libary teachers will
dismiss you back to class! What is the
Teacher's Job? Library teachers will greet you at the door before each class! Smile and say hello! The library teachers will help
you find a "just right" book! We can help you with research! Library teachers are here
to help you learn something new! Tell us about the books
you are reading! Favorite Movie: Star Wars OUR LIBRARY RULES isten to the instructions
from the teacher! nsist on being polite and showing kindness to others! e responsible for your success!
TAKE CARE of your library books. ASK for a pencil or paper if you need it! emember, no calling out or interrupting while others are speaking! L I B R Y A R lways ask for permission to leave the library! aise your hand and wait
your turn to speak! ou are going to have a great
year in the library! What is
Your Job? L*I*B*R*A*R*Y Enter the library quietly! Go to your assigned seats! Raise your hand before speaking! Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself! Take a bathroom break
before library! Even Cookie Monster has questions
about the library! Library teachers will tell
you when it is time to book shop! Ask if you cannot find a book -
we can help! We are here for YOU! Say "hello!" Smile! Learn! Read! Come to library prepared to learn! This is going to be an AMAZING year! We are HAPPY you are here! WELCOME BACK :) Cool fact: I had lunch
with an astronaut! I have a husband and four children! Cool Fact #2: My Uncle Gus played
for the Philadelphia Eagles! Listen for the instructions!
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