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Genetic Engineering: Man-Made Evolution or Future Disaster

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Katelynn Pennington

on 27 January 2015

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Transcript of Genetic Engineering: Man-Made Evolution or Future Disaster

Genetic Engineering
Man-Made Evolution
or Future Disaster
The Affirmative
Genetic Engineering Can Cure/Treat Diseases
Genetic engineering will make disease a thing of the past. By injecting healthy genes into the body, diseases can be cured. There are different approaches to curing diseases through genetic engineering. Disease cells can be killed when genes that produce a toxin are targeted into disease cells. Targeted gene mutation is when a faulty gene is corrected using genetic technique. Gene augmentation is when a faulty gene is replaced with a working version of the cell. Gene inhibition is when a faulty gene is "switched off." These methods are all capable of treating lethal diseases, correcting genetic disorders, and even curing diseases.
I suspect any worries about genetic engineering may be unnecessary. Genetic mutations have always happened naturally, anyways.
-James Lovelock
The advance of genetic engineering makes it quite conceivable that we will begin to design our own evolutionary progress.
-Isaac Asimov
Genetic Engineering is the alteration of the DNA of an organism. The life, growth, and features of the organism depend on its genes. Genes are the segment of DNA that are associated with traits of the organism. There are enzymes that are capable of changing an organisms DNA. Scientists can use those enzymes to cut genes from DNA and
create customized DNA with those
The Negative
Even minor tampering with nature is apt to bring serious consequences ... Genetic engineering is tampering on a monumental scale, and nature will surely exact a heavy toll for this trespass.
-Eva Novotny
Genetic Engineering Can Have Negative Side Effects
Genetic engineering has not been tested extensively, and therefore we are unaware of the harmful side effects and long term effects it may have. While treating one defect with genetic engineering, the therapy may lead to another. Because a single cell can be responsible for many traits, it is hard to isolate the cells responsible for one undesirable trait. Genetic Engineering cannot be reversed, and we must live with the side effects it may have.
Genetic Engineering Could Lead to Overpopulation

The Earth already shows signs of overpopulation. Genetic Engineering increases the lifespan of individuals. Humans will no longer have any limiting factors with diseases eliminated. By increasing life expectancy, we are tampering with our food sources, living space, energy sources, and employment. Earth will reach its carrying capacity much faster and will not be able to support all of the organisms residing here.
What are your views on genetic engineering?
The Modification of DNA can bring about desirable traits. If the genes responsible for desirable qualities are discovered, those genes can be artificially introduced into genotypes of other individuals. Therefore, a person could have the traits that are considered beautiful by their society.
We aren't sure of the effects of genetic engineering. It could very possibly lead to decreased diversity, along with other negative side effects.
Genetic Engineering is largely theoretical and the results are unknown.
Humans have long since possessed the tools for creating a better world. Where love, compassion, altruism, and justice have failed, genetic manipulation will not succeed.
-Gina Maranto
Our Views
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