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Apple public relations plan

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char walton

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of Apple public relations plan

Message Statement Apple public relations plan Chuey, Jaime, Char, Ellen Executive Summary This public relation plan is to inform and influence the public about the new iPhone 6 with using the features of the new phone as a starting point. The primary customers are known as the current and loyal customers. Apple’s employees and management are the face of the company to the public so the training will be key to keeping the key keeping the plan moving ahead. The main objective of this plan is assist in the public to take action in buying, informing others, and overall to get to know the new iPhone 6. The strategy is to always keep the right information of the new iPhone 6 going out to the public, by keeping the information positive, upbeat, and truthful. The actions and feelings we intend see doing and after the plan is excitement and eagerness to obtain the new iPhone 6. Communication Process Identifying Publics
The primary customers for Apple are current Apple customers, techies, business professional, iOS software users, brand awareness customers, Apple culture customers, satisfied customers, and high performance tech customers. The secondary customers are anyone in the market for a new phone, wants a company that is loyalty to customers, and customers that want a product with quality. Producers and Partnerships
Apple has 156 companies that produce their products for their customers, with many of them being located outside the United States (Tsukayama, 2012). Some of the more know manufactures are Intel for the chips, NOR flash chips for the operating system, Samsung for the video processor IC, with Sharp and Sanyo for the display of the phone (Texyt Staff, 2007). Informing the producers and partnerships of our upcoming plans will increase the understanding of what needs to be done before release of Apple’s new phone. By informing the producers and partnerships of the plan this will help keep concerns down and will make the plan flow smoothly. Competitors
Apple’s leading competitors in software are Amazon, Google, Real Networks, Microsoft, and Sony (Bajarin, 2009). Apple’s leading competitors in computers are Dell, Alienware, Gateway, Microsoft, Compaq, E Machines, Everex, HP, Lenovo, Asus, Panasonic, Sony, and Toshiba. Apples leading competitors in cell phones are Motorola, LG, Nokia, Samsung, Sanyo, Siemens, HTC, and Sony Ericsson (All Phone Manufactures, 2013). Opinion Leaders
The top five technology opinion leaders are Ashraf Eassa, George Kesarios, Trefis, Bill Maurer, and Gregory Vousvounis (Top 5 Technology Opinion Leaders, 2013.). Informing these top opinion leaders of the new iPhone 6 will also increase the word to the public. Employees
The communications between Apple and their employees needs to be kept updated at all times. Because having over 80,000 employees worldwide and the 29,750 of them being outside the United States, communications can become a problem if employees are not informed on a regular basis what is going on within the company they work for(Job Creation, 2013).
Apple’s employees are the face of the company to the community, government, and customers, by informing the employees’ first the message than is sent on to the public as well. Apple public must get the same information from the employees as the company is sending to the outside at times. Management
The Apple’s CEO communication needs to stay constant through all levels of management while it is working its way down to the employees that face and work with public. Management also needs to agree with the message to keep it continuous and understandable by all within the company. Shareholders
Apple’s Stock is at $429.79 as of April 2, 2013 at 4:00 PM (Apple Inc., 2013). Some of the top institutional holders are Vanguard Group Inc., FMR LLC, State Street Corporation, BlackRock Institutional Trust Company, Price Associates Inc., etc.

These investors always need to be kept in the loop of what is going in the company and how the company is being run. Creditors
Apple has no creditors at this time; they have cash that they sit a side which is more than $100 billion in cash (Edmund, 2011).
Apple always follows local, state, and federal laws to maintain their good standing relationship with the government. Communication Process Communicating the Plan Media kit
Apple’s Media Kit, is the introduction of the company to the public. The Media Kit includes the biography, background, factsheets, questions & answer sheet, past news releases, upcoming events and photos of the products that the media can use. Background Mission Statement
“Apple designs Macs, the best personal computers in the world, along with OS X, iLife, iWork and professional software. Apple leads the digital music revolution with its iPods and iTunes online store. Apple has reinvented the mobile phone with its revolutionary iPhone and App Store, and is defining the future of mobile media and computing devices with iPad” (Frequent Asked Questions, 2013) Major Aims
The major aims of this plan are to use media and social networks to get the message out to the public. The plan is to have the sales of the iPhone 6 out past iPhone 5 by a million the first weekend with giving customers the next best technology.

How the customer is for the Apple iPhone and what we can do to get the new customers to buy the new. Were and how we to place the event and other information out to the consumer. Apple came to be on April 1, 1976 which is an American company that makes and designs computer hardware and software along with other consumer electronics products (Dougherty and Stonecypher, 2010). The headquarters of Apple is in Cupertino, California were co-founder Steve Jobs created the empire it is today. History Obstacles
Failing to get the information of this new phone out will definitely be an obstacle for Panther Publics. Since the Apple comes out with new iPhone almost every year we will have to inform what different is from past models is. This will be challenging to convince customers that this is better than what they already have. Situation Analysis Strengths
Apple is the alpha of all computer and phones producers. Apple is different from its competitors because it produces high quality products; its products are also sleek, attractive and unique. This has helped Apple stand out and to increase its market share in everything it does today. Apple’s products are easy to use and to carry around, most products are light and small to carry. Apples products are easy of all ages to use, which helps keep Apple’s users happy and loyal. Weakness
Apple has experienced defective products from time to time, due to not inspecting the quality of their products well enough. When Apple first introduced the iPod Nano the screen was defective along with the battery. Apple had replaced the entire product free of charge. This caused some debt in the company, which is a weakness, but customers stand by them because Apple stands by their products. Opportunities
Apple is famous for its innovative way of thinking. They were able to develop a product line that is both functional and attractive in design. The newest iPhone is in a long line of products that come from out of the box thinking that Apple is well known for. Threats
Apple has a lot of competition, which has access to the same technology Apple makes and uses their products. The competitors also have the advantage to lower their prices, which could very well threaten Apple. Situation Analysis
Panthers Public Relation Firm plan is to spread the word about the new Apple iPhone. The right information being released to the public by the news releases will increase the demand in the phone. To achieve this goal we have to research all of the market and keep the quality of the product high because the current Apple customers expect it. We then have to highlight all the new features of the iPhone 6 have. Major ideas
The Apple iPhone 6 comes with the all new iOS 7which is able to do more than ever. The iPhone 6 has increased in screen size that many have been looking for. This phone will be able to satisfy the needs of Droid and iPhone users alike with being able to cross over and do more than ever has been done before with an Apple iPhone. Outcome Thank you The outcome of this plan is to inform the public of the all new Apple iPhone 6 with its great new iOS 7. This phone will make life a lot easier for the current iPhone customers Goals and Objectives Goals

The goal is to get the public and consumers informed of the new iPhone 6 launch. Another goal is to get the public to take action to buy, join us at the event, and to overall get excited about the phone all together.

The main objective of this plan is assist in the public to take action in buying, informing others, and overall to get to know the new iPhone 6.

The strategy is to always keep the right information of the new iPhone 6 going out to the public, by keeping the information positive, upbeat, and truthful.
Reputation Management
Reputation Management will deal with the identity and perception of the organization. Using the reputation of Apple to restate the iPhone 6 is of high quality just as all the products Apple makes.
Present State
The present state is this plan will be the first step in informing the public of the new iPhone 6.
End Result Expected
The end result expected for this is the current customers will be informed and new customers will see that Apple is making phones that even Droid users will want. To get this plan were we want it to be we will need to keep accurate information being placed in front of the public at all times. This means that reports, bloggers, and social media need to talk about the phone’s true features, not rumors.
Completion Date
The completion date of this plan is on December 31, 2013. Audience
For the unveiling of the iPhone 6, we will target existing iPhone users. The iPhone has a strong, positive reputation and image among those who already use the product. Consumers also want the newest and best version available. The main relationships we will be after are the current customers that need that next big thing or an upgrade all together Target Audience Main Relationships
The main target audience will be the existing iPhone users. The second target audience will to get new customers from the Droid users market. Key Public The current iPhone users waited hours and hours in line for the iPhone 5 when it was first introduced. Targeting existing users will start Apple in obtaining their goal of increasing the sales of the iPhone 6. When the iPhone 5 first became available 5 million units were sold, 83% of the buyers were upgrading from the last version of the iPhone (iPhone 5 Sales Statistics, 2012). Also, because many iPhone users will appreciate the advancements in technology and features of the new version, users will spread the word about how great the new version of the iPhone is. To obtain the results Panthers Public Relation Firm is looking we will use press release is newspapers, magazine, newsletters, and online blogs. The plan also includes an event, training, and assigning in the image of the iPhone 6 to the public. Key Audience Messages Customers
These are three of the main messages Apple wants to communicate to it its customers:
The all new iPhone 6 now can download from Google Play and Apple App Store.
iPhone 6 is bigger with its all-new 5” screen.
iPhone 6 has arrived with its all-new 15-megapixel iSight camera. Opinion Leaders
These are three of the main messages Apple wants to communicate to it its leaders:
The all new iPhone 6 now can down from Google Play and Apple App Store.
iPhone 6 is larger than life with its all-new 5” screen.
iPhone 6 has arrived with its all-new 15-megapixel iSight camera. Actions and Feelings
The actions and feeling are going to be of excitement and eagerness to obtain the new iPhone 6. As with past iPhones, we expect the current iPhone uses to be thrilled and want the new phone immediately. Contract with Apple
This contract is the terms and conditions which will bind Panthers Public Relations Firm (Consultant) to provide public relations services to Apple’s for iPhone 6 (Client), and serves as a legal contract between the two parties.
The purpose of this agreement is to provide the Client with a service to expand awareness of a new product or service that will be launching in the coming year. The Consultant firm will launch an event to promote the new iPhone 6. Meeting and Counsel
Consultant will be available to attend all Client business functions related to the purpose of this agreement and to be available in person, by telephone and email during normal business hours with a hot line for after hours. Consultant will provide advice and counsel as required. Counsel may include recommendations to responsible Client staff and representatives as to channels and methods of communication.
Consultant will write press releases and other communications for public distribution as directed by client. Planning, research, strategic goal setting, branding maintenance, draft and revision are included. Distribution
Media distribution lists, whether by mail or electronic means, and research required establishing and maintaining effective distribution.

Media Contact
Consultant will establish and maintain effective contact with media representatives.

Ordinary Expenses
Typical and ordinary expenses, such as local travel and normal office expenses are included. Any out of state and international travel will be added on at the end of each month.

Fees and Billing
Event cost will be paid by the client at once, when the bill is received Panthers Public Relations Firm.
Start up and ending research is $10,500.00 each
Client will be retained for public relations consulting services, as above, by a monthly payment of $4200.00. Payment shall commence on agreement; subsequent PAYMENTS shall be made in the amount of $4,200.00 on the monthly anniversary date of agreement of the 1st of each month. Invoicing for services not covered by this agreement may be made as Consultant is billed for such services. Terms
This agreement is effective as of January 1, 2013 for a term of one year from signing. This agreement may be terminated without cause by either party upon 30-day written notice. If this agreement is terminated prior to the end of that period, Client agrees to pay all obligations then due and payable made by Consultant on Client's behalf. No rights or liabilities shall arise with relationship to unfinished work, regardless of any plans that may have been made for future services. Confidentiality
Panthers Public Relations Firm agrees not to disseminate or use for its own purpose, either during or after the termination of the contract, any confidential information imparted by Client Panthers Public Relations Firm agrees to use reasonable controls to restrict dissemination of such information. Panthers Public Relations Firm understands that all information Client provides shall be considered sensitive and confidential unless expressly declared otherwise. Implementation . Issues Audience Customers Opinion Leaders Employees, Management, Producers & Partnerships, and Shareholders Media Targets The main issues this plan may run into are misunderstandings, miscomputations, and missed opportunities. Misunderstandings can up when using a third party to spread the word around about the new phone from the features, the dates, and bad press. Miscomputations can happen when dealing with the press they may not like the brand or how rework opportunities are ones that were not see or were found too late to act on.
Our main audience is the consumers the current and future customers for the iPhone 6. Our secondary customers are anyone in the market for a smartphone. To connect to these customers we will show the features that each group is looking for.
For current customers we will show the fact that the phone has the all new iOS 7. The future customers will show the features of the 5” screen, download apps from the Apple App Store and Google Play.
The all new iPhone 6 now can down from Google Play and Apple App Store.
iPhone 6 is larger than life with its all-new 5” screen.
iPhone 6 has arrived with its all-new 15-megapixel iSight camera. The all new iPhone 6 now can down load apps from Google Play and Apple App Store.
iPhone 6 is larger than life with its all-new 5” screen.
iPhone 6 has arrived with its all-new 15-megapixel iSight camera. The message everyone in this group will be of all the features of the new phone. Everyone will be informed and understand the product, so they will be able to talk to the customers and be able to provide excellent service. Media being used for our press release is newspapers, magazine, newsletters, and online blogs the name of the media and the name of our contacts.

USA Today (Brett Molina), Wall Street Journal (Ian Sherr), New York Times (Brian Stelter) Bloggers
Online blogs that has big impact on readers across the country are The Huffington (Adam Goldberg), Musable (Pete Cashmore), TechCrunch (Drew Olanoff), The Verge (Matt Brian), and BuzzFeed (John Herrman) (Technorati Top 100, 2013). Timing
The plan will start with research on January 2, 2013 to find the best and positive way to get the information to the target customer. February 2, 2013 the first news release will be given out to the media target informing them that the new iPhone 6 will be released on October 15, 2012. Starting in March we do news release stating each new feature until the end of May.
On July 1, 2013 Apple announces in a news release about the event at Staples Center on October 15, 2013 from 10 am to 7 pm were the new iPhone 6. The new iPhone will be demonstrated and sold at the event. The event will also have some key management be to talk about the new phone and upcoming new products.
From July to October the news releases will state the upcoming event were the first iPhone 6 will be sold. In October the last before the event we will arrange for the CEO Tim Cook do an interview on the Today Show in New York City on October 8, 2013.
Starting on October 16, 2013 research will done to see how the whole plan has gone. News release about the event will be released over the months after the event. Evaluation
To judge how the plan has gone over we will be doing surveys at the event, online, though a phone app, and group meeting with customers. Press Release Budget Monitoring and Evaluation Benchmark
The public relation plan will be measured by the feedback from customers, sales of the first week, and the event attendance. The feedback of the customers at the event and after the event will make it easy for Apple to understand what the customers want and need this will be done by surveys by hand and online also face to face talking at the event with the public. Activities
The activities in this campaign will make clear to the public Apple’s iPhone is ready to take to next level. Public Recognition
Public recognition will be measured by the feedback from customers, sales of the first week, and the event attendance. How this will be measured is by surveys, attendance, and what was sold just at the event a lone can tell us what the impact was of the message was set out to the public. We start getting some of the feedback right at the beginning all the way to two weeks after the event. Where we want the feedback from is coast to coast of the United States. Attitudes
To see how the attitudes have for each we will for
Community – producing a product that helps the community to come together.
Customers - the customer having the desire to buy the next big thing or in this case the iPhone 6.
Management - working with management for they can learn to see the product from the customer standpoint. Media Content Analysis
To find out the plan was communicated we will be watching, reading, and seeing everything we can from the eyes of the customers. The issues we may run into is at any point in time the positive can turn into a negative so will have to be ready react to anything that can come our way. References
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Informing and influencing the public of the new iPhone 6 features. Features are
-Black and Silver - iOS 7 -32, 64, 128 GB storage -screen size is 5.55 inch x 2.5 inch -3.99 ounces -5.0 wireless card -HD photo and video 15-megapixel iSight camera with panorama -Up to 245 hours battery life -Four-axis gyro. The main features of the new iPhone 6 are 5” screen and the iOS 7 with the ability to download apps from both Google Play and Apple App Store.
Graphics and Website Management
The plan will also include designing and assisting Apple’s team with press releases and how the product will be displayed. Graphics and Website Management
The plan will also include designing and assisting Apple’s team with press releases and how the product will be displayed.
Special Events
Apple event of celebrating the new iPhone 6 at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles, California on October 15, 2013 starting at 9am to 6pm.
Management Counseling
Management counseling will be to done to make sure every manager knows what the plan is and how it will be dealt with during the process.
Timetable and Cost
This all will be worked on from January 1, 2013 to December 31, 2013
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