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Are You Okay?

No description

Loren Tabone

on 10 June 2014

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Transcript of Are You Okay?

Mel Gibson
Are You Okay?
Long before he was winning Oscars -- or making headlines for all the wrong reasons -- road warrior Mel Gibson was doing battle with an unseen, off-screen foe: bipolar disorder. Known for his onset pranks and proclivity for after-hours partying, Gibson broached the subject during a 2002 documentary interview with a former classmate. "I had really good highs but some very low lows," Gibson told filmmaker Sally McKenzie for "Acting Class of 1977," which aired on Australian television in 2008. "I found out recently that I'm manic depressive." Numerous articles have been written, linking bipolar mood disorder with artistry. In 2008, a study at the Stanford University School of Medicine found that those with the condition expressed "enhanced creativity," but recommended more research to determine why.
15 Celebrities With Mental Health Disorders
by Marianne English and Travis M. Chaffin

During his custody battle with Oksana, Gibson was diagnosed with a severe bipolar disorder and rage issues, a source close to the actor tells RadarOnline.com exclusively. Mel began taking psychiatric medication to cope with his anger issues and he was seeing a psychiatrist during the custody battle and that was how he was able to hold it together.

“It’s clear to me from listening to the recently released tapes that he most likely isn’t taking his medication, which is sad because when he was taking it he was so much calmer and rational,” the source tells RadarOnline.com.

Gibson was ultimately charged with misdemeanor assault for allegedly hitting Oksana, and he pled no contest.
PHOTOS: Mel Gibson In Costa Rica
Mel Gibson Is Bipolar And Has Rage Issues, Claims Source

Posted on Apr 19, 2012 @ 2:00AM

By Jen Heger
Radar Assistant Managing Editor
Is Mel Gibson bipolar
Interview about Mel
Uploaded on 5 Oct 2010
Does Mel Gibson suffer from bipolar disorder. Dr. Joe Haraszti talks with MArta Waller about Gibson's condition

Are you Okay? - Mental illness
By Ethan Tabone
About Gibson
Mel Gibson
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