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The Blobfish

No description

Ellie Barker

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of The Blobfish

What Family Is It Part Of?
The Blobfish is part of the Psychrolutidae family. This family is made up of about 40 different species, one of them being the blobfish. All animals in this family look like tadpoles (huge heads and long thin bodies), except these ones grow up to 30cm long!
Where Are They Found?
They are normally found in the deep seas surrounding Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania. Blobfish can cope with the high pressure of the water because their flesh is very much like jelly which helps them with boyancy.
What Do They Eat?
They eat crustaceans such as crabs, lobsters and pretty much anything that wanders past their mouth.
How Long Do They Live For?
The Blobfish on average lives about 130 years. Sometimes its a lot less sometimes its a bit more. It all depends on where there swimming.
Some Random Facts
It can move its mouth without using any muscles.
They rarely move
They are inedible
They can live in depths up to 1200 meters below sea level.
It has a sense which tells them whether a big or small animal is around them.
Some More Random Facts
The Blobfish was officially voted as the worlds ugliest animal last year.
The Blobfish is likely to be extict because the last sighting of one was in 2006.
If they are extinct its because of deep sea fishermen accidentally catching them whilst trying to catch crabs and lobsters.
The Blobfish
What Is A Blobfish?
Funnily enough a blobfish is a fish. They don't have any muscles. They only move if there there is food near enough for them to quickly dart and grab it. They live on top of the sea bed but sleep in the middle of the sea.
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