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Prezi By Ursula Langley Robots and how they will change the world!

Ursula Langley

on 25 October 2012

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Transcript of Robots

Robots! It might sound awesome, people doing every thing for you, you just sit down and relax all the time but, it won't be so awesome when you are 60 in a wheel chair, fat and being told you have only 1 year of your life left! this will all of happened by the little exersise you will do. Every little movement like turning on the tele opening a door is infact exersise! If robots invade then this is future you! What will this do to our health? Money If you think of Robots you don't think of a metal person doing everything for you, that looks like you but doesn't have a brain, you think of a metal person talking in funny voices or moving around being controlled.
Well think again they will soon be in control of you, they will make :
. tea make you a cup of coffee
. turn on your tele
. put the toaster on
. clean for you
. Make your bed
And many more!!!!!!!!
They will do all the things that you don't even notice you do now! And do you want this? Robots Today This will probably happen in 2020, so basically it won't this is because our world will not live till 2020! It is already poluted do you want to die? Our World By Ursula Langley Robots of the future Making all these robots will cost alot of money. You will first need to make them which will cost thousands and millions and then dilver them instuctions kits everything! It will be too much. Thankyou for listening
Now hopefully you injoyed reading this and you will agree with my opinion not to envent more robots! The End!
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