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Harry Styles

No description

Taylor Heizer

on 24 January 2014

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Transcript of Harry Styles

Harry Styles
His School Years
Harry attended Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School as a kid. He was always quite popular in school. He later formed a band with three of his friends called “White Eskimo”. Harry was the lead singer of the band and they were pretty good. They entered a band competition at their school and won. On weekends and on days after school when he wasn't busy, he worked at the W. Mandeville bakery in Holmes Chapel.
The X Factor
In 2010 when Harry was 16, he auditioned for The X Factor UK. He sang Stevie Wonder's "Isn't She Lovely". Out of the three judges, he got two yes's and one no because they thought he was too young. Harry went on to boot camp and was later told that he wouldn't make it through any further. He was devastated. When he was about to leave, there was a group of boys and girls called back to the stage. Harry, along with four other boys were told that the judges wanted them to form a group. Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, and Zayn Malik's lives had just changed forever. They were now, One Direction.
Harry Styles was born on February 1, 1994 in Holmes Chapel, Cheshire, England. Ever since he was younger, he could sing. The day he was born, his parents knew he was going to do something big. He is now traveling the world with his 4 best friends in the biggest boy band in the world, One Direction. This is his story.

Meet Harry
Harry Styles
The Live Shows
After they went through boot camp, the boys went on to the judges' house and sang "Torn" in front of Simon Cowell. Simon told them they were going onto the live shows. From then on, the fans were crazy. Every show, they were safe. There were votes coming in from everywhere. The night of the finals, everyone for sure thought One Direction was going to win, but they didn't. The boys ended up coming in third place, but that wasn't the end. From then on out, the fans made it their mission to make One Direction the biggest boy band in the world, and they did.
One Direction
After the X Factor, Simon Cowell signed the boys to his record label SYCO Records. They later came out with their first album Up All Night along with their hit single, What Makes You Beautiful. Up All Night went number one on iTunes and broke a record for number one on the top 200 Billboard albums. It went number one in 13 countries. Shortly after that, the Up All Night Tour started. Along the way they had won several awards and were breaking so many records, and their career was just beginning. In 2012, they released their second album, Take Me Home. Just like Up All Night, it went number one on iTunes and went number one in 37 countries. On December 4, 2012, they performed at Madison Square Garden in New York. It sold out really quick and it was a really big step in their careers. The Take Me Home Tour started at London's O2 Arena on February 23, 2013. It sold out in seconds. The tour went really well and it ended in November 2013. Along the way of the TMH Tour, they filmed their first big movie, This Is Us. Fans went crazy over it and the first few days, it went number one in ticket sales at the box office all over the world. In November 2013 they came out with their third album, Midnight Memories. It went number one in pre-sales and it was top selling all around the world along with being number one in more than 90 countries. Their world wide Where We Are stadium tour starts in April 2014. The world just can't get enough of them and they are now bigger then ever.
Title: Superstars! One Direction, The Music Sensation That's Rocking The Globe.
Author: Sunny Blue
Copyright: 2012, 2013

Copyright: 2013
Author: A+E Television Networks, LLC.

Copyright: 2014
Author: WordPress.com VIP
The Story Of His Life
Harry's Family
Harry Edward Styles is the son of Anne Cox and Des Styles. He was raised in Holmes Chapel, England by his mother after his parents divorced when he was seven. He has one sister named Gemma who is 3 years older than him. Later on, his mother Anne married Harry’s stepfather, Robin Twist.
I chose to write about Harry because he is one of my role models and he is a big inspiration. When people told him he couldn't sing or would never make it as a professional, he proved them wrong. He followed his dreams and never gave up. He is also my favorite in One Direction.
Something new I learned about Harry is his blood type which is B+. That definitly has to be the most interesting thing I learned.
Harry is famous for being in One Direction.
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