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The Maze Runner Book Talk

No description

Philip Trypis

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of The Maze Runner Book Talk

The Maze Runner-
James Dashner Imagine waking up in a tall, pitch black box the size of a small elevator that is moving up, and not knowing anything from your past life, but only your first name. This is what happened to a 16 year old boy named Thomas in The Maze Runner by James Dashner.
Thomas saw about 60 other boys.
The place is called The Glade.
He was introduced to a 13 year old named Chuck to help him find a place to stay.
Thomas saw the giant walls that surround The Glade close so they were trapped in.
On his tour he learned that at night vicious monsters called Grievers come out in the maze
They are safe in the glade
During the tour, the first girl ever arrived in the box
The girl, Teresa is in a coma holding a note saying, 'Everything is going to change'
Minho and Alby are trapped out in the maze while the doors are closing
Thomas goes out in the Maze to help them, knowing he was going to be locked out as well
Alby is unconscious
Minho says that there is no chance of surviving the night, but says splittting up will increase the miniscule chance of surviving
The inexperienced Thomas is left alone with the unconscious Alby to survive James Dashner 40-year-old American man
Married and has 4 children.
Born November 26, 1972 in Georgia, U.S.A
Currently lives in South Jordan City, Utah
Has written many best selling books with awards
The 13th Reality series
The Journal of Curious Letters
The Hunt for Dark Infinity
The Blade of Shattered Hope
The Void of Mist and Thunder.
Many more Main Characters The main characters from the maze runner are; Thomas, Teresa, Chuck, Minho, Newt, and Alby. Thomas Teresa Chuck Minho Newt Alby Thomas: Main character
Teresa: Connected to Thomas
and makes everything change.
Chuck: Thomas’s best friend
Minho: Leader of the Runners
Newt: Second in command
Alby: Leader of all the Gladers. (Note that there aren't any official pictures of the characters, but these actual people fit the description very well, and this might be the cast of the movie that will come out.) The Glade The Main Idea I think that the main idea of this book is to never stop trying to succeed and reach your goal, no matter how hard or time consuming it is. They could never stop trying to find a way out.
Some obstacles:
- Seems to be no exit of the maze
- Layout of the maze changes everyday
- There isn't any pattern that helps find a solution
The runners will never stop going in and mapping and looking for any sort of pattern or solution.
It sais this in many places, so i will read you one Please listen attentively, i will now read you a passage from the story. About the book Written by James Dashner
Action and Adventure
The problem in the book is trying to escape the Maze
16 year-old Thomas the main character
It's a page turner
Very difficult to put down
Will keep you on your toes
As if you can imagine you are in a brand new world
Somewhat futuristic
All new technology Conclusion Audience Anyone that loves Adventurous, Action packed books with a hint of futuristic fantasy
Hunger Games fans
11+ years of age
People who enjoy page turners I chose this quote because it explains the main idea very well, and supports what i just was talking about. More about Thomas Thomas is:
Open minded
A communicator
Someone who will never leave a friend behind
Someone who perseveres to his goals Two more books to the series, also made by James Dashner
The Scorch Trials
takes place once they have solved the maze
WICKED put them up to a task to cross the Scorch
many obstacles on the way
The Death Cure
Trying to escape the clutch of WICKED.
There is also a book called The Kill Order
Recently came out
Takes place before everything happened.
How will Thomas survive, if there is any chance, while keeping Alby alive? How do the Gladers solve the maze? What was the purpose of being sent there? why were strange things happening after Teresa arrived? What is the WICKED group, what type of horrible obstacles are out in the Scorch, it looks like you are going to have to buy the trilogy and the kill order or take them out at a local library! I really enjoyed reading this book of mine, and I hope you take it into consideration and enjoy it too. Reflection Book was recommended to my by a librarian, since I told her I liked the hunger games
Very similar to the Hunger Games
Some sort of game
A tad futuristic
To be honest, i liked this book a lot more than the Hunger games series because;
No exaggeration, every page is exiting.
the hunger games was also a page turner, but not as much
Also, the project is for a reason
In the end, this is the best book I've ever read, and i am glad the librarian recommended it to me Passage #1 Passage #2 Please listen attentively, i will now read you a passage from the story. Please listen attentively, i will now read you a passage from the story. The reason why i chose this part of the story is because:
in the tough time, they try to brighten up the situation
take advantage of the little joy they have
it was very funny I decided to read this part of the story because:
demonstrates that life in the glade is scary and not a joke
very intense part of the story
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