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Traffic Light Invention Prezi Example

This Prezi was created by students. Thanks to Julia and Amanda!

Jocelyn Sams

on 6 January 2014

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Transcript of Traffic Light Invention Prezi Example

By: Julia O. and Amanda C.
J.P. Knight
His name was John Peake Knight
He was a railway engineer and inventor
He was born on January 13, 1828
He was British
He died on July 23, 1886 at age 58
Garrett Morgan
He patented the traffic light
He invented the gas mask
He was born March 4, 1877
Was a former slave
Made hair products
He died on August 27, 1963
The First Attempt
The first traffic light was invented by J.P. Knight in 1868 and was set up in Westminster Abbey, London, England. It ended up exploding and killing a police officer. It's use was then discontinued.
How It Works
Morgan's Electric Traffic Light- It had three movable arms with STOP and GO written on them and was all mounted onto a pole. Signals were given by raising, lowering, and swiveling these arms to show or hide these words. The signal also had a position to stop all traffic in order to have a more swift change from one direction to another.
Effect on the World
The traffic light helped make traffic move more gracefully and prevent crashes. It gave pedestrians and horse-back riders a sense of safety from being harmed a by a passing car. The traffic light spread across the world as a way to control traffic. It helped the world control roads and keep everybody safe.
Today you see traffic lights everywhere. Traffic lights now have red, green, and yellow lights and some even have arrows. Traffic lights were not always this way, they used to have black, movable arms that said STOP and GO. The arms would move to cover the words to control traffic. Now traffic lights are automatic. As you can tell traffic lights have evolved since J.P. Knight invented them.
About the Traffic Light
It was invented in 1868 by J.P. Knight
It was patented in 1923 by Garrett Morgan
They had been looking for a way to control traffic since roads were created
In 1926, the first automatic traffic light was installed in London, England and it depended on a timer to activate it
In the 1930s, vehicle-activated traffic lights were created
More Information About Traffic Lights
The Traffic Light
Thanks for Listening/Watching!
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