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The Wars By: Timothy Findley

Jihan and Nick

tatiyana de costa

on 4 January 2013

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Transcript of The Wars By: Timothy Findley

- The sudden death of Rowena, causing Robert to feel guilty over it
- He dealt with an internal conflict of losing what he looked over
- The quote suggests that his conflicts within himself is something a reader had to figure out Supporting Personal Insight Theme Statement The Wars
Timothy Findley
By: Jihan And Nick When one is faced with a situation that questions their personal morals and beliefs it causes an internal conflict, finding themselves battling their own integrity. This inner conflict can be a result for an individual to either understand themselves or change and adjust to the situation. 1st Quote
"'Not yet'. Not yet. Do you see? He might've said 'No'. He might've said 'never'. He might've said 'Yes'. But he said 'Not yet'. There, in those two words, in a nutshell-you have the essence of Robert Ross. And perhaps the essence of what it is to be alive" Support
- This quote itself shows Robert as a whole, How he is in-decisive, at confusion and also hesitant.
- It questions whether he really knows what he stands for as a man
- Robert is summarized just in this quote with the internal conflict to remain alive versus his environment Personal Insight -Robert isn't aware of what he believes in and what to stand for
-He is battling with the force of conforming to his duty or not 2nd Quote
"There is no good picture of this except the one you can make in your mind. The road is lost at either end in rain." pg.69 Personal Insight Connection To another text:
Boys and Girls By Alice Munro

"She's only a girl," he said. I didn't protest that, even in my heart. Maybe it was true. "

- The way that Robert was summarized by the quote is shown in Boys and girls by the way the character is summarized by this quote herself. Connection to another text: 3rd Quote
"He stood with his legs apart, braced against the impulse to turn around and run away. The B.S.M. was watching him" Supporting: Connection to other text:
Shooting an Elephant by George Orwell
"I had no intention of shooting the elephant- i had merely sent for the rifle to defend myself if necessary- and its always unnerving to have a crowd following me."
-George Orwell didn't want to kill the elephant but having so much people around was a conflict for him like Robert. -Robert doesn't know how to to make his own choices when is comes to his life situations .
-Goes against morals and beliefs of his own -Robert having an internal force to do something that goes against his morals, like killing the horse
-The B.S.M being his external force to push him into killing the horse
-Robert is questioning his own integrity "You see the problem. To separate the act from the thing. As if the parts of some moment in history might be interchangeable with the parts of some other moment." No country for old men
By Cormac McCarthy -The guilt of his sisters death haunts him, making him want to do "better" .
-Personal beliefs vs Choice to conform
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