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Mt. Bromo

No description

on 11 February 2015

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Transcript of Mt. Bromo

Mt. Bromo
By: Katelynn Bell
Mt. Bromo
Mt. Bromo is located at East Java, Indonesia. Mt. Bromo is part of the Tengger Massif. It is not the quite the highest peak of the massif, but one of the most well known. A fun fact about this massif is that it's one of the most visited tourist attractions in East Java, Indonesia.
Where Is Mt Bromo?
What type of volcano is Mt. Bromo, and how tall is it?
When was Mt. Bromo's last eruption?
Mt. Bromo is a small pyroclastic cone that rises 7,641 feet above the ground. It is a very well known and visited in it's category the Tengger Massif. This volcano is a very common type of volcano, it is called the Caldera.
Mt. Bromo has had many eruptions throughout the years that it has existed. Though it's latest eruption was on January 28, 2011. Normally volcanoes will leave quite a bit of damage when they erupt, but luckily nothing was to major about it at this time when it erupted.
What Material Is Ejected When It Erupts?
Hot molten rock and lava spews out of the crater-cone like top of the volcano. The temperature of lava is typically around 1100 degrees celsius, yet it could be different depending on their chemical composition.
How do you suppose to get to Mt. Bromo exactly?
Using a website called tripadvisor.com you can book hotels and set reservations in so little time! They can even book you a flight over to East Java, Indonesia in just a few minutes! They will also give you the best hotels and flights for the lowest prices! All you've got to do is type, book, then take your trip!
How else can you get there?
There is this really helpful website called travel.usatoday.com. This website can tell you how to get the best hotels, cottages, cabins, mountain lodges, and resorts. Again all for the best prices. Can't you imagine just staying in one of these places for a weekend?
Some more ways to get hotels and fun things for the kids and family..
This website called java-banana.com you can stay at a beautiful lodge, cafe, and gallery! This is a wonderful website for you to book a lodge and find kool activities for the family to do.
More ways to use Java-banana.com
In this website under the tab titled gallery, you can see just a bit of all of the art work presented there. Though it doesn't show much there is plenty of beautiful art displays there to entertain the whole family. It also gives you information on each and every piece if known. This is a very popular and intresting activity thst the whole family can enjoy. You can also find different activities such as tours as you look further into the website.
Another AWESOME website...
yoschihotel.com is a very helpful website that you can book a room anytime! This website allows you to book a room in there hotel, with a beautiful view and a breakfast in the morning.
Sharontravelogue.com is a website that this girl (named Sharon) blogs about some stuff she has done on and around Mt. Bromo, so maybe she can give you a few ideas of things to do.
This concludes all that i have to tell you about Mt. Bromo, and how and where to stay around it. Also some things to do while your on your trip, so have FUN!!
google.com - google images
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