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Short Story Analysis: The First Day

No description

Tony wong

on 26 September 2013

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Transcript of Short Story Analysis: The First Day

Short Story Analysis: The First Day

The little girl - 5 years old
- Kindergarten
- Curious
- Naive

Mother - Persistent
- Can't read or write
- wants the best for her daughter
First day of school the little girls mother wants her daughter to go to a school near her church ( Seaton Elementary School) but they live beyond the area so they have to go to their designated school.
When they get to the designated school ( walker- Jones) the mother asks a woman to help her fill out the form but the woman doesn't understand what she means and the mother reveals that she doesn't know how to read or write.
Figurative Language
The mother takes the daughter to the school she wants her to attend but they get rejected.
Rising Action
When they have to go to the other school.
When the mother asks the other lady to help fill the form out because she can't read or write.
Falling Action
The mom knows that her daughter is going to know how to read and write.
The Elements of plot
in this Story
Essential questions
The woman helps the mother fill out the form.
Character vs Character
Conflict Resolved or Not?
Yes, it was because the mother her child would get education in the end.
What is it?
The mother has lack of education which mean she is illiterate and wants to give education to her child.She has trouble finding a school and registering for her.

Simile- The woman who greets us has pearls thick as jumbo marbles that come down almost to her navel.
Foreshadowing- I learned to be ashamed of my mother.
Flash back- "Out playing one day, I overheard an older child, speaking to another child, call Miss Mary and Miss Blondelle a word this is brand new to me."
Idioms-She says"One monkey don't stop no show"
If you can't get education you can always help someone else.

What will Parents do for there children?

The End
Author: Edward P. Jones
By- Pratik, Tanvir and Tony.
The importance of education
Parents hopes for there children

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