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Pantene presentation

No description

dara hong

on 29 October 2012

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Transcript of Pantene presentation

SWOT BRESTO 2008111540 Cha Ji Hyun 2011112365 Hong Dara 2011111857 Seo Joo Young 2012111341 Yun Jeong Hee
2010110086 Ko A Ra About PANTENE 1. About Pantene
2. Market analysis
3. Pantene' SWOT
4. Pantene' 4P
5. Pantene STP
6. Marketing process
7. Pantene' problems
& Future Advanced Technology.
Professional care products
& excellent effects.
Customer targeting. STRONGS OPPORTUNITY Variety customer segmentation
Growth of the premium.
& Technical Shampoo market. THREAT Complex consumer’s needs
& Rapidly changing market.
Competitors' pursuit. WEAKNESS Lack of representative images
Lack of diversification of Products Selection(Capacity aspects)
Lack of response to the consumer’s needs Market Analysis 1990S
Consumers preferred price to function
Domestic firms had powerful
sales capacity,
wide distribution network.
Global corporation‘s market
entry P&G
Increased consumer’s interest
on hair care 2000s
Expansion of the premium shampoo market.
Domestic companies' premium shampoo market entry.
The rapid growth of the market and Intensifying competition. 2010s
Premium shampoo
market saturation.
Pantene loose first
mover advantages competitors 4 P PRICE Pantene Basic Elastine Kerasys MisseenScene Clinicare 850ml
5500won 780ml
9900won 730ml
6450won 780ml
11500won 550ml
9800won 648won/100ml 1270won 884won 1475won 1782won PROMOTION Consumer participation events
-Son Yeon Jae's out of 10 points Dance
Consumer experiential events
-Clinicare hair-energy project
Full refund Events PRODUCT The pantene's basic products
for hair care Divided four parts
-damage care
-moisture care
-enhanced care
-volume care Pantene PRO-V The more vitamin
and the more improved effects Pantene Clinicare Divided three parts
-thin and powerless hair
-curly hair
-old damaged hair For 30s women
who started hair aging PLACE STP Segmentation Targeting Positioning Demographic factor
Ages : 25-29
Occupation : unmarried worker
Life Style factor
The time of establishing own style
Leading the decisions of commodity options by oneself
The time of investing a lot in appearance
Psychological factor
Possible to pay high prices
Preference to famous brand Hair Health System -> fine, soft and silky hair PANTENOL Marketing process Distribute a lot of samples
High quality of product -> the chances that users will change is low compared with another brand
Increase the opportunity to contact PANTENE product
In 1999, a billon of samples distributed Teaser marketing
distribute samples without brand name
lead consumer’s curiosity about product
Offer the opportunity to evaluate quality of product. Events Pantene Hair event
PANTENE provide giveaway among buyers by lottery
Pantene damage focusing care event
Visit main target and test their hair condition (touch event)
Challenge Pantene-bell
Select 100 people who worried about hair
->among them PANTENE offer 14days hair care service to 10 people
Suggesting to Pantene event
Contest about special know-how of hair management or idea for new products Healthy 14 days promise
: PANTENE will make
your hair what you want, after 14 days
Different from other competitors
->consumers remembered the brand.
Show the confidence of product
-> consumers expected high quality
Next time, “more healthy days product”
-> consumers recognize PANTENE as a high quality hair care product. Rotation of advertising PANTENE has a cycle
Teaser -> Conditioner -> Treatment -> Serum
PANTENE can construct the system brand image
-> lead promotion of new market in Korea Appearance of experts in advertising
-> PANTENE regarded as reliable and high quality products PANTENE - differentiation strategy in TV CF
Express consumer’s real situation
Emphasize that they will make consumer’s hair beautiful and healthy STAR MARKETING In the early days, PANTENE used star marketing famous actresses Han ga in, Jo i jin, and Kim a jung. Nowadays, use star marketing with
&Future Contents Investing more money to give samples compared to the effects of that.
lost aunt customers.
fail to star-marketing.
fail to build the PANTENE's brand image. PANTENE must build thier own brand image.
Don't do the only star-marketing biased. Hypermarket Supermatket Department store Convenience store E-mart http://www.mystery88.co.kr Transformation to
'Healthy Beauty' Cosmeceutial
Cosmetical + Pharmaceutical Real hope
promise of genuine change
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