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No description

priscilla varela

on 2 April 2015

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Transcript of Bologna

By: Priscilla Varela
Palazzo dei banchi
Palazzo dei banchi was one of the last palace to be built it was origany just made to hide the narrow streets and the market behind it.
Piazza maggiore
Piazza maggiore is a square in Bologna Italy its lined up with medieval and Renaissance buildings lines of cafe and street musicians
Mortadella di bologna.
This is where they get the word Bologna every super market lunch meat has a version of this spiced up pork from Bologna!
Bolognas food.
bologna claims to be Italy's culinary capital.
parma ham
Bolognas History
During world war 2 after the war bologna became the first major italian city to elect a comunist goverment.
Bologna dates back some 2,500 years. I was originally settled by the Etruscans and became a roman colony about 190 B.C
Bologna is full of beautiful buildings everywhere!
sanctuary of the blessed virgin of san luca.
It was meant to protect the icon as it was paraded up the hill. A yearly procession from the Cathedral of San Pietro in the centre of Bologna to the Sanctuary goes along this path. Originally the arches held icons or chapels erected by the patron family.
Everyone is Bologna is welcomed to join this group film museum and watch a clip! its full of thousands and thousands of people!
you should visit bologna because it is full of a lot of different old styled buildings and its "considered" Italy's culinary capital!
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