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No description

faye kennedy

on 23 April 2010

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Transcript of Israel

Israel Capital-Jerusalem
Government-Parliamentary Democracy
Leader- Binyamin Netanyahu faye kennedy Imports Military Equipment
Raw Materials
Rough Diamonds Exports Unemployment - 7.4%
Pop. below poverty- 23.6%
Infant Mortality- 4.22/1000
Life Expectancy- 80.73
Literacy- 97.1% Machinery
Cut Diamonds
Agricultural Products Ethnic Groups Jewish 76.4%
Non-Jewish 23.6% Religious Groups Jewish 76.4%
Muslim 16% Highest Point Har Meron-1208 m Lowest Point Dead Sea- 408 m Population 7,233,701 Pop. Density
22,072 sq km 282.2 people/sq km Area Arable Land 15.45% Israel Bans the Ipad
Mood is dark as Israel marks its 62nd year
Israeli shekels
3.93 per US dollar Mobile Phones -
Broadcast Stations- 9.5 million 7
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