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My European Timeline

A bunch of old timey stuff

Haden Hines

on 7 December 2010

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Transcript of My European Timeline

Click anywhere & add an idea My European Timeline 1–49 A.D Birth of Jesus Christ 50–99 A.D. Claudius poisoned 100's A.D. Hadrian rules Rome Marcus Aurelius rules Rome 200's A.D. Goths invade Asia Minor Increasing invasions of the Roman empire by Franks and Goths 300's A.D. Constantine the Great reunites eastern and western Roman empires Huns invade Europe 400's A.D. Western Roman empire disintegrates under weak emperors Vandals destroy Rome 500's A.D. Plague spreads through Europe After killing about half the population, plague in Europe subsides (594 B.C.) 600's A.D. Mohammed flees from Mecca to Medina Arabs attack North Africa 700's A.D. Charlemagne (742–814) Charlemagne becomes king of the Franks (771) 800's A.D. Charlemagne dies (814) Alfred the Great becomes king of Britain (871) 900's A.D. Vikings discover Greenland Otto I crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Pope John XII (962). 1000 B.C. Rome settled 700 B.C. Rome became a major city 4oo's B.C. Greeks defeat Persians Peloponnesian Wars between Athens and Sparta (431–404 B.C.)—Sparta victorious 3oo's B.C. Alexander the Great invades Greece 200's B.C. Rome invades Greece 100's B.C. Rome destroys Carthage (Rome Red) (Carthage Purple) 1000's William the Conqueror Crusade 1100's Notre Dame Saladin Richard Lionhearted 1200's King John Marco Polo William Wallace The Renaissance-(1300-1799 A.D.)- The Medieval Europe-(1000-1299 A.D.)- Ancient Greece and Rome-(1000-1 B.C.)- 1356 Black Prince defeats French King Jean 11 1439 (by Johannes Gutenberg)
the printing press was made 1455
first printed book 1610 Galelao confirmed that the sun is the center of the universe The Industial Revolution-(1800-1899)- Water Wheel New inventions, many things changed Improved Roads Steam Powered Ships Machine-Based Manufacturing World War 1 11 and the Cold War-(1914-1989)- 1914
World War 1 begins 1917-1918 U.S. fights in World War 1 1939 Hitler invades Poland 1940 Winston Churchill Blitzkrieg Battle of Britain Food rationing begins in U.K. 1941 Hitler invades Russia Japan attacks Pearl Harbor 1942 Holocaust Germany suffers setbacks 1943 Italy surrenders Germany surrenders 1944 D-Day Allies bomb Monte Casino Soviets offensive in Eastern Europe 1945 Japan Surrenders Hitler commits suicide Allies bomb Japan Cold War- Nato Communism = bad U.S. vs Russia Fall of Berlin Wall-1989 A.D. Years-
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