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The Nitrogen Cycle

No description

Nika Fellows

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of The Nitrogen Cycle

The Nitrogen Cycle
Step 2: Assimilation
Producers 'take up' the ammonia or nitrate that was made during fixation. Consumers then "assimilate" nitrogen by eating the producers.
Step 3:
Decomposers, found in both the land and water, start to break down organisms, breaking down the nitrogen in them, and creating ammonium, NH4+.
Last Step: Denitrification
Bacteria go back and convert nitrate into nitrous oxide and then into nitrogen gas.
Step 1: Nitrogen Fixation
Nitrogen, N2, is converted from the atmosphere, which it can also come from fertilizers, pollution from factories, or precipitation. In biotic processes, the nitrogen is converted to ammonia, and in abiotic processes, it is converted to nitrate
Yoga Pose: Tadasana

A traditional pose, simulating the mind, and centering the body, in order to symbolize the fixation and change Nitrogen, or your body.
Yoga Pose: Tree

This pose is the tree pose to symbolize the producers that are crucial to the nitrogen cycle.
Yoga Pose: Warrior

This symbolizes the decomposers in the soil and land acting as warriors to break down the large organisms.
Step 4: Nitrification
Bacteria, 'nitrifying bacteria', convert the ammonium made in ammonification, into nitrite, and then into nitrate.
Yoga Pose: Forward Fold

This pose is a way to stretch and release toxins, which symbolizes the conversion by bacteria because of the process of nitrification, and the waste products.
Yoga Pose: Sun Salutation

The bacteria in this process is usually in deep waters, or oxygen-poor soil. The sun salutation is the opposite of those conditions- sunny, warm, and light.
Nitrogen Cycle:
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