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The English Coaching Project

This is how we coach

ania svetozarov

on 4 September 2012

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Transcript of The English Coaching Project

The English Coaching Project - because regular courses just won't work for you Why do you need Language Coaching? - your motivation is short-lived -you don't feel you're making progress - language lessons are stressfull - you feel you waste your time and money - Our detailed needs analysis enables you to learn exactly what you need in the time you need it How do we make your learning experience different? - We look at the language learning as a behaviour changing overall process, not as an academic subject - You regain total control on the learning process and are fully informed on your progress in all times the new horizon of learning - we view the learner as a source, not the coursebook OUR GOALS ARE SMART Specific - detailed and practical Measurable - you are aware of your progress Achievable - the programme based on your style of learning Realistic - we are honest about what you learn and you regain control over the progress Time-Bound - your learning goal has a time limit 4. We are constantly developing our training methods 2. We work with the best trainers in the field HOW does it work? 1. we use eclectic mixture of modern teaching methods 3. Technology is our best friend 5. More than 10 years of experience in language training PHASE 3 - TRAINING SESSIONS INTERWEAVED WITH CONSTANT MONITORING AND FEEDBACK PHASE 2 - PREPARATION OF TRAINING AND PROGRESS PLAN OUR COACHING PROCESS PHASE 1 - LANGUAGE ASSESSMENT AND NEEDS ANALYSIS PHASE 4 - POST-TRAINING ASSESSMENT AND NEEDS=ANALYSIS FEEDBACK PHASE 5 - POST-TRAINING CONSULTING SERVICES AND AUDITING Are you ready? - meet us for free needs analysis
783 783 202
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