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e-Supervision: Framing the Debate

Workshop within the LEADHER PLEDS Project at the Open Univeristy of Catalonia, 31 October 2013

Ismael Peña-López

on 16 June 2016

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Transcript of e-Supervision: Framing the Debate

Framing the Debate
Ismael Peña-López
To cite this work:
Peña-López, Ismael. (2013) e-Supervision: Framing the Debate.
Workshop at the Open University of Catalonia within the PLEDS project (Personal Learning Environment for Doctoral Students) of the LEADHER Programme. Barcelona, 31 October 2013

To contact the author: http://contact.ictlogy.net

All the information in this document under a
Creative Commons license:
Attribution – Non Commercial – No Derivative Works
Barcelona, 31 October 2013.
Workshop at the Open University of Catalonia
PLEDS - Personal Learning Environments for Doctoral Students
LEADHER Programme
@ictlogist #PLEPHD
What is
it depends on the "e-"
errrr Supervision
electronic Supervision
evolved Supervision
enhanced Supervision

errrr Supervision
Everyone is using ICTs,
but during the
supervision process.

Everything remains the same.
electronic Supervision
Everyone is using ICTs,
to do basically the same.

In essence,
a substitution of tools,
a digitization of processes.
errrr Supervision
Supervisor and student use text editors, spreadsheets, bibliographic managers, etc.

On their own.
evolved Supervision
Some processes are
(positively) improved.

Processes are slightly changed to capture some benefits.
enhanced Supervision
Processes are redesigned (almost) from scratch.

Everyone doubts whether this is supervision/research at all.
Lots of concerns, lots of fun.
electronic Supervision
Supervisor and student interact and share their outcomes digitally.

e-mail, VoIP.
Digital files going to and fro.
errrr Supervision
A necessary step.

Master tools.
Develop skills.
electronic Supervision
A necessary step.

No major changes.
Costs may outweight benefits.
Key: costs are investments, not expenditures.
evolved Supervision
Supervisor and student work collaboratively.

Track changes, control versions.
evolved Supervision
Communities work collaboratively.

Communities of Practice,
Communities of Learning.
enhanced Supervision
The process of production is challenged.

Research 2.0.
enhanced Supervision
The process of assessment is challenged.

Personal Learning Environment,
e-Portfolios, P2P Supervision.
evolved Supervision
An intermediate goal.

Benefits outweight costs.
It's sustainable,
it's an improvement,
but it does not scale (just a bit).
enhanced Supervision
A goal to create a circular process.

Revolutionary... thus needs inside and contextual changes.

It DOES scale, but needs reframing.
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