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Leonardo "Bigollo" Pisano (Fibonacci)

His life and mathematical contribution to the world.

Julianne Tito

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Leonardo "Bigollo" Pisano (Fibonacci)

Leonardo "Bigollo" Pisano (Fibonacci) Born Around 1170 AD in Pisa, Italy Nationality Italian Lived Italy Family Parents Guglielmo Fibonacci Mother Unknown Fields Mathematics He travelled alot though Famous
For Fibonacci Number Fibonacci Prime Brahmagupta-Fibonacci Identity Fibonacci Polynomials Fibonacci Pseudoprime Fibonacci Word Reciprocal Fibonacci
Constant Introduction of Hindu-Arabic Numeral System (Digital Notation) to Europe Fibonacci
Sequence Pisano Period Practical Number Mathematical
Success Death 1250 AD in Pisa, Italy His book "Liber Abaci"
(Published in 1202)
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