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Ms. Brannon

No description

Amanda Brannon

on 7 September 2011

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Transcript of Ms. Brannon

Ms. Brannon Hello! My Name is... Here are some interesting things about me: Music UNC Parker Sign Language Dogs Family The University of Northern Colorado My full name is Amanda Beth Brannon.... ...But you can call me Ms. Brannon! At UNC, I studied Music
and Elementary Educaton. I Graduated in May 2011. That's Me!! I started playing the
Clarinet when I was
five years old! And now, I play the clarinet in a professional orchestra! At UNC, I majored in music. This is Frasier Hall, where I spent four hours a day practicing my clarinet. I love dogs! My family used to breed dachshunds. At one time, we had TWENTY dogs! My favorite dogs are.... Christopher Lady Grace Sophie Ann Theodore Hope Hope was born with a lot of special needs.
She is blind in one eye and has neurological problems. She requires some extra care, but
we love her and are glad to help her! I moved to Parker when I was in the 7th grade. And I graduated from Chaparral High School
in 2006. I know Sign Language! Let's do some Sign Language together! My family is very important to me. Me! My Mom My Brother My Stepdad My Aunt and Uncle My Grandparents And My Cousins! We spend a lot of time together, even though we have busy lives! So, now you
know a few things
about me! I look forward to learning more about YOU this year! My Dad and I
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