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Safe Sex Presentation

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Michael Luck

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of Safe Sex Presentation

Safe Sex Presentation
Emotional Turmoil
Having sexual intercourse has physical and mental consequences; not just physical
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Health Risks of Teenage Sexual Activity
The main risks are:
Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
Unplanned Pregnancy
Emotional Turmoil
Social Turmoil
Sexual Transmitted Diseases (STDs)
Spread by sexual contact involving the sexual organs, mouth, or rectum
can also be spread from a pregnant woman to her child before or during birth
Many different types and all have different symptoms
Some can be cured, others can't
Know When You Are Ready
Don't have sexual intercourse because of these reasons:
You are a “virgin”
You want to “get it over with.”
Your partner will break up with you if you don’t.
Having sex will make you "popular."
You will be more "mature."
Myths about Sex
The truth is...
Any kind of "sexual" act can be considered sex, not just vaginal intercourse
Only about half of high school students have had sexual intercourse
Women can still get pregnant, even if they are on their menstrual period or it is their first time having vaginal intercourse
Don't let people pressure you; their reasons most likely are not true!
Virus that attacks the immune system
Last stage is AIDS
Symptoms first start out mild, then get worse when they reappear
It allows the body open to many diseases, as it is unprotected.
In AIDS stage, rare cancers easily form
(Genital herpes)
*Treatment slows down damage done to the immune system for a possible longer life expectancy
Unplanned Pregnancy
Whether or not safe sex measures have been applied, pregnancy is still a possibility
*even with birth control pills and condoms
If contraceptives are not used properly, the risk goes up
If not used correctly/efficiently...
Male Condom: Can go up to 11% noneffective or more
Female Condom: Up to 21% non effective or more
Birth Control Pills: Up to 5% non effective or more
Take these into consideration:
your personal values and goals
your feelings about the emotional and physical risks you are willing to take
If it's you, or your partner who want to have sex
what kind of relationship you want to have with your partner
Social Turmoil
Similar to emotional turmoil, Social turmoil is a nonphysical form of consequence from having sexual intercourse
Some possibilities might be:
The other partner expects sex to happen more often/gloats about it
Other people hear what has been done and ask you if it's true
Other's opinions on you may change
The introduction of alcohol in any situation is never good, and for teens even worse.
Alcohol will impair:
your decisions
with your partner, family, friends and peers.
Now: Safe Sex
Now that the risks and consequences have been covered, it's time to "define" safe sex
Using as many contraceptive methods as possible and using them as direct and carefully will offer the best protection
Using birth control pills and a latex male condom is an example of an effective plan to prevent STD Transmission and/or pregnancy
Safe Sex:
Reducing the risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease (STD)
Using condoms makes vaginal or anal intercourse safer sex
Using condoms or other barriers makes oral sex safer sex
Having sex play without intercourse can be even safer sex
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