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PDMS Design Module - Graphical View ( 3D View )

In this lesson, we take a look at the 3D View of the Design Module. We will discuss the concept of the graphical view. At the end of the lesson, users should be able to manipulate the vew to visualise his design clearly.

TDS Engr Solutions Pte Ltd

on 7 April 2015

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Transcript of PDMS Design Module - Graphical View ( 3D View )

Graphical View ( 3D View )
Graphical view provide a visualisation of the database
Users can choose what to see and the appearance
User can manipulate the 3D View
There can be more than 1 Graphical View in PDMS
View / Drawlist / Database
Elements must be added into the drawlist to be viewed
Graphical View
The view shows the content of the Drawlist
The Drawlist is the list of elements to be displayed in the view
Graphical View can share the same drawlist ( standard view) or its own Drawlist ( local view , PDMS 12 )
Appearance is govern by Representation Rules
Colour is set using Autocolour or fixed colour when the elements is added
Local View uses Autocolour
The Rules when adding is set in Settings->Graphics, Representation

Adding Element to Drawlist
Select Autocolour or Colour

Add to the Drawlist by :
- Selecting Elements and dragging into the Graphical Windows
- Use the Add by right clicking the design explorer

Remove Element from Drawlist
Right click over the element in the view
Right click in the explorer
Video will be available soon!
3D View - View Limits
Items in the View - Hide/Show
3D View has a limit
Anything outside the limits will be clipped
“Walk to” will set the limits based on the drawlist etc.

Limits button at the edge of 3D view can be used to set limits box

Hide will not remove the items from the drawlist but item will not be seen in the view
This means the user do not need to add/remove from drawlist to hide/show the element
Manipulating the Drawlist
Drawlist Button found at the side of the view

Right Click to show Drawlist Form
Appearance of the element can be set by selecting the element and changing the colour etc.
Any settings will reset when the items are added to Drawlist again
3D View : View Properties
3D View : Eye vs Model Mode
3D View : Parallel vs Perspective
3D View : Mouse Button Settings
3D View : Middle Mouse Button
The view properties include :
View Direction
View Centre

Model Mode : view rotate around model
Eye Mode : View Rotate around eye
Parallel view is more appropriate for Design
Perspective View enables more realistic feel of the view
Left mouse button is used for selecting the element
Right mouse depends on what is beneath the mouse can have 2 context menus
On White Space
On an item
Middle mouse can be set for various manipulation function
Scroll wheel is used for zooming
Clicking the middle mouse will move the point to the centre
Suggestion : Middle mouse set to Rotation, use scroll wheel to zoom, middle mouse click to pan

Centre within view
3D View : Centre of View
3D View : Presets ISO 1,2,3,4
3D View : Save/Restore View
Centre of View – is the centre where the eye rotate about ( model mode ) and the centre where the eye rotates
Navigate to element, use the centre button to modify the view rotation centre ( also the view Centre )
Use the right hand button to set the Centre of View
Demo : Clipping View
3D View : Clipping
View can be saved and restored to allow views to be accessed quickly
Clipping Limits box can be converted to 6 clipping planes
6 clipping planes in the 3D View can be manipulated individually
Clipping plane have direction/Position
Capped filled the sectioned surfaces
Use Clipping planes for simple control

Graphical Selection
Besides the CE, there is Graphical Selection
One instance of Graphical selection per session
Local selection will not effect other graphical View

Graphical Selection ( Hightlighted)
Graphical Selection in Drawlist Form
Graphical Selection
Pick Button should be off
Use Right Button for more option for Graphical Selection
Use Ctrl to add/remove from selection

Local View
Local View
Use Local view to create a local view
This view has its own drawlist

Local View have different drawlist
Graphical Selection does not appear in local View unless selected in the view

Local View - Demo
Video will be available soon!
Video will be available soon!
Next : Design Applications
Thank you & See you again soon!
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