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Greenbottle Blue Tarantula

No description

abria willis

on 6 December 2012

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Transcript of Greenbottle Blue Tarantula

Green bottle Blue Tarantula
by:Abria Willis My current events project is on a
Green bottle Blue Tarantula. Your probably wondering why
it's called a Green bottle Blue Tarantula?
because it's out of the ordinary. Why is it three colors?
Why in the process of molting it has a bald spot?
Also when was this discovered? Very few species can
compete in the category
of coloration. KEY IDEAS! Over here you will see a picture >> It is also still a
mystery why they give off
so much coloration. Although bright markings do form
as a warning for would-be predictors
in other venues in the animal kingdom. This specie comes from
deserts and scrub lands from
Northern Venezuela.Their webs
go vertically and horizontally. They had such broad webs to secure a grip on their unstable habitats and sand dunes. The Green bottle Blue
Tarantula is one of the
most beautiful species in
the world.With metallic blue
legs a green carapace and a
vibrantly orange abdomen. Over here <<
is a picture of
a Green bottle Blue
Tarantula molting. Molting:As a Tarantula grows it
spins a web around themselves so
they can protect themselves from
bugs and insects.While their
molting dry and old skin
their color matures to its
natural color. They turn on their
backs when they start
to molt.So don't be
alarmed. Sometimes you have to personally remove
the molt surgically.As you saw
in the video this process could
remove hair and leave a bald spot. THE END ! This discovery was made December 5,2012 by:Jon Fouskaris Credits WWW.petbugs.com WWW.wikihow.com and WWW.Tarantulasite.com
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