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Mousetrap Case

No description

Taylor Goodman

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Mousetrap Case

Mousetrap Case
Longridge Farm Case
Now, let us take a minute to look back on the Longridge farm case that took place several years back. This case involved three Corrigan children, one girl and two boys. These children were assigned to live in the Stanning residence for care and protection of which, their dead biological parent, obviously, couldn't offer. The magistrate in charge of the turnout of this case was none other than the late Mrs. Boyle. They stayed with Mr. and Mrs. Stanning, or as you may know her, Mrs. Maureen Lyon. These children were sent to live with the Stanning's for being neglected multiple times and being left in the snow to die. One of the two Corrigan brothers died from this experience at age 11. The two other children survived. The oldest boy deserted the army when he was 22. The girl was adopted and now has unknown whereabouts. The Stanning's are both dead. Mr. Stanning, who was sent to prison, eventually died there. As for Mrs. Stanning, of course, she was strangled a couple days ago while in London. I’ve given you the details of this case because it creates motive for these recent murders and points to Mrs. Ralston as the murderer.
Points of Motive
Mrs. Ralston is a "tall, pretty young women in her twenties." - This statement shows that Mollie fits the age and description of the Corrigan sister, giving her the motive of wanting revenge on Mrs. Stanning for her painful childhood and the death of her youngest brother. She wanted revenge on Mrs. Boyle for sending her and her brothers to live with the Stanning's. If she hadn't sent them to live there none of her awful past would exist.
Mrs. Ralston has said before, I quote, "Perhaps that's why it was so awful. It was horrible- horrible. I try to put it out of my mind. I try to never think about it." - In this she was talking about her past. Again making you believe that she is the Corrigan sister. She is talking about past that Mrs. Maureen Lyon/Stanning and Mrs. Boyle caused her.
Opening Statements

Today, the trial of Mrs. Mollie Ralston is taking place. Many people often refer to Mrs. Ralston as a tall, pretty young woman in her twenties. Mrs. Ralston is being convicted of the murder for both Mrs. Boyle and Mrs. Maureen Lyon/Stanning. There are multiple points of suspicious actions, motive, and opportunity that point to Mollie Ralston being the guilty client of this incident. Details from the Longridge farm case from years ago fit into this trial very suspiciously leading you to believe that Mrs. Ralston is the murderer.
"All right I went to London. So did you!" Mollie admitts to Giles about being in London that day. -Giles, Mrs. Ralston's husband, found a London bus ticket in Mollie's coat. This shows that Mrs. Ralston was in London at the time Mrs. Maureen Lyon/Stanning's murder took place. Therefore giving Mollie oppurtunity to kill Mrs. Lyon/Stanning.
Mrs. Mollie Ralston was the first to find Mrs. Boyle's dead body, showing that she was the closest to the murder. -Being the closest to the murder gives Mollie great oppurtunity to murder Mrs. Boyle as well.
Suspicious Actions
Mollie Ralston has done other things making you think that she could be, in fact, the murderer.
-Mollie was seen placing a small parcel in her cupboard. In doing this, she is hiding something from everyone. This is something she doesn't want anyone to see. It could be the potential murder weapon she used earlier to kill Mrs. Lyon/Stanning.
-Mollie asked Mrs. Boyle "Weren't you the magistrate, sitting on the bench, Mrs. Boyle?" This shows that Mollie knew that Mrs. Boyle was the judge of the Longridge case. If she wasn't the Corrigan sister she wouldn't have known this.

Concluding Statements
Counterclaim Statements
The defendant may make the allegation that Christopher Wren is the guilty suspect of this trial. They may state how Mr. Wren fits the age and desription of the eldest Corrigan brother. Christopher is said to be mentally crazy and unstable just as the eldest brother was. Another similarity Mr. Wren and the Corrigan brother have is that they both left the army around the same time. Christopher has claimed he was in his room “combing” his hair at the time Mrs. Boyle was murdered. After Mr. Wren says this Sargent Trotter looks at Christopher with suspicion as he recognizes that Mr. Wren’s hair is completely disheveled. Why would someone’s hair be so messy if they had just finished grooming it? It wouldn’t. This claim is completely false and Christopher Wren is making you believe he had no part of Mrs. Boyle’s murder.
All things considered, Mollie Ralston is guilty. Mollie Ralston has evidence against her proving that she is the murderer. She had the motive of revenge on the two deceased woman she remembered from her childhood. She had high levels of opportunity of being in London at the time of the Maureen Lyon murder, and was suspiciously the first one to find Mrs. Boyle giving her chance to strangle her. As the Prosecutor of this case I stand my ground saying the correct accusation that Mrs. Mollie Ralston is to be convicted of her crimes. The rightful punishment for these felonies would be imprisonment for life. Case closed.
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