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Rick and Morty Psycoanalysis

No description

Tom Rapson

on 23 September 2015

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Transcript of Rick and Morty Psycoanalysis

Ricks's actions
Viewed as Insensitive, irresponsible
Two faced
Would risk anything for a thrill
Willingly brutal
Rick's perspective
Love isn't real
Popularity is pointless
No consequences in life
Do what makes you happy
Lethargic in age
Board easily and refuses to follow routine
Rick's Id, ego and superego
Most of the time acts spineless
Not good at school or socializing
Acts as Rick's superego
In the face of adversity can become quick-whitted and athoritative
Isn't afraid to speak his mind
Morty's Perspective
Rick Sanchez
Morty Smith
Rick and Morty Psycoanalysis
Id: Complete self loathing
Superego: Grandson Morty
Ego: arogent, disjunct from Id and superego. empty due to past trauma
Dislikes education
Is an alcoholic
Morally corrupt
Doesn’t respect bureaucracy
Is able to see the most ethical choice in any situation
Thinks of himself as powerless to the course of time
Morty's Actions
Morty's Id, Ego and Superego
Id: Granpa Rick
Superego: Strong inherent moral compass
Ego: Nobody belongs anywhere, nobody exists on purpose, everybody's going to die
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