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Decagon Events Co.

No description

Elsie Chang

on 4 December 2014

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Transcript of Decagon Events Co.


Packaging and Distribution

Proposed Sponsors and Partners
Aligning our Objectives with Singapore Tourism Board's Objectives
1. To present Singapore as a vibrant and exciting city.

2. To increase cultural tourism in Singapore.

3. To re-balance the business/cultural perceptions of the city.

4. To achieve sustainable growth in tourism in the long term.

5. To create awareness of Architecture and Culture in Singapore.

6. To aid in Tourism development in the long term, from an economic perspective.
Government Bodies
• Singapore Tourism Board (STB)
• National Heritage Board (NHB)

• Singapore Recreation Club (SRC)
• Singapore Airlines
• Eziprint Pte Ltd
• Naumi Liora Hotel
• F&N Foods Pte Ltd
• Ong&Ong Pte Ltd

• Onepeople.sg (CDAC / Mendaki / Eurasian Association / Sinda)
• People’s Association (PA)

• Polytechnics and Universities
Pre-event, During the event and Post-event
• Advertisements
• Brochures / Booklets / Posters

For Tourists:
Educate tourists of Singapore's rich history and culture through architecture.

For Locals:
Instilling pride in Singaporeans and celebrating diversity

Trick eye museum:
Visual spectacle and the first of its kind in celebrating culture and architecture

Venue: The Padang.
Located near several landmarks such as St Andrew’s Cathedral, City Hall and the old Supreme Court building. It is a prime location surrounded by various buildings of different styles, thus serving as an ideal location for ArchiCulture SG 2015.
• Our team has vast experience in running events, with individuals specializing in different parts of event management.
• We have good relationships with sponsors/partners/vendors/suppliers.

• Our team has no experience in running such architecture/cultural events, because this event is the first of its kind.

• Rise in Cultural tourism in the recent years.
• Statistics show that attractions and entertainment is the highest earning sector. Tourists tend to spend more on attractions and entertainment.
• A successful event now would lead to a hallmark event, and perhaps even lead to making profit from ticket sales in future.

• There might be similar individual events celebrating Singapore’s culture and architecture separately.
• Sponsors and Partners not interested in collaborating.
Event Layout
Crowd directed through visual cues
Food Stores Layout
Trick Eye Layout
Security stationed at entrance and exit for crowd control.
2 Volunteers to be roving inside to assist attendees if needed.
Risk Management
Risks Identified
Risk Management
Risk Response
• Staff / Volunteers / Vendors
Unsure of things that are going on
(training/briefings needed)
Medical emergencies
(ambulance/first aiders on standby)
Staff / Volunteers do not turn up for event
(allocate buffer for manpower)

• Marketing
Over-estimations in achievements
(be realistic)
Under-estimations in planning
(allocate buffer)

• H&S and Legal
Public liability in terms of health & safety
(proper checks and certification needed for structures and food, event staff to be briefed on attendees safety. Event to be insured.)

• Hospitality
(all vendors to be certified by NEA)
(area for audience to be barricaded)
• Crowd Management
(crowd control via clickers at entrance and exits, monitor crowd regularly outside and in event venue)
(identify crush-points and allocate security to monitor crowd)
Emergency Exits
(barricades can easily be removed during emergencies, staff briefed on which barriers to remove)

• Security
(signage to remind attendees to be more aware of their belongings)
Lost items
(have a security / lost and found booth)
Terrorist Actions
(roaming security to look out for suspicious characters/bags left lying around)

• Transport Related
Delivery timings
(make sure timings are properly communicated to vendors, one team to be ahead of changes)
(available/alternate parking to be listed on event brochures and flyers)

Adapted from Gray and Larson (2008)
• Weather
Wet Weather
(Event held in tent with flooring)

• Equipment
Technical issues
(test equipment. technicians on standby. back-up generator in case of power problems)

• Collaterals
Spelling errors/Wrong information given
(proof reading, getting help from NHB to verify information in publicity materials are accurate)

• Programme
Things going wrong during the event
(all main crew and security have comm. sets. decision-makers will decide on appropriate action, designated crew will execute action)
• Staff / Volunteers / Vendors
Unsure of things that are going on
Medical emergencies
Staff / Volunteers do not turn up for event

• Marketing
Over-estimations in achievements
Under-estimations in planning

• H&S and Legal
Public liability in terms of health & safety

• Hospitality

• Crowd Management
Emergency Exits
• Security
Lost items
Terrorist Actions

• Transport Related
Delivery timings


• Weather
Wet Weather

• Equipment
Technical issues

• Collaterals
Spelling errors/Wrong information given

• Programme
Things going wrong during the event
Pre-event Evaluation:
• Social Media
During-event Evaluation:
• Daily Debrief
• Onsite Feedback
Post-event Evaluation:
• Actual Turnout
• Financial Calculations
• Feedback from Sponsors
• Feedback from Attendees
ArchiCulture SG 2015
Architecture + Culture
Architecture is the very mirror of life. You only have to cast your eyes on buildings to feel the presence of the past, the spirit of a place; they are the reflection of society.

– I. M. Pei (1989)
Architecture cannot be understood without some knowledge of the society it serves.

- Sir Hugh Maxwell Casson (1948)
Our Team
Our Proposed Event
Our Event Marketing Strategy: combination of theories (10 P’s).
(Kotler et al, 1999; Hoyle, 2002; Getz 2007)

Core attributes:
the experience of celebrating and educating locals and tourist about Singapore’s cultural diversity through architectural appreciation.

Tangible attributes:
• Tentage infrastructure
• ‘TrickEye-esque' trail featuring some of the architecture from the historical monuments of the various ethnicities
• Stage Performances
• F&B
• ArchiCulture Merchandise
• Game Stations
• Educational Information Boards
• Short Clips on Singapore’s cultural architecture shown
Experiential Components (Product, Place, Programming, People)

Chinese Culture
• Chinese Shadow Puppet Show
• Chinese Guzheng Performance

Indian Culture
• Prata Show
• Indian Dance Performance

Malay Culture
• Silat Performance
• "Dikir Barat"

Eurasian Culture
• Traditional Eurasian Folk Dance - "Jinkli Nona"
• Eurasian Traditional Costumes Fashion Show
Facilitating Components (Partnerships, Packaging & Distribution, Price, Promotion, Public Relations, Positioning)

Product (Bassington and Pettitt’s, 2006)

Entrance to the event is free. The purpose of this event is not about profit-maximisation, but rather, to create awareness of Singapore's culture and architecture. Costs will only be incurred by participants with purchases related to F&B and event merchandise.
• Media and Public Relations
• Online / Social Media
• Promotion & Public Relations
• Positioning
• Guest of Honour: Mr Lawrence Wong (Minister for Culture Community and Youth)

• One of a kind event: focus both on Architecture and Culture

• Nostalgic event: brings positive externalities to the society and overseas attendees (learn about Singapore's culture and perhaps appreciate their own culture more)

• Trick eye museum: A first for visitors to visualize themselves in the landmarks
4 and 5 April 2015 (Saturday and Sunday), 10am to 9pm
Proposed Timeline (Simplified)
Dec 2014:
- Get funding from sponsors and partners
- Get required license and permits
- Get approval for Venue

Jan 2015:
- Establish online presence (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
- Posters, Brochures and Flyers to be printed and distributed to partners and displayed at various locations
- Event placement on YourSingapore.com

Feb 2015:
- Meeting with all event crew (including partners and volunteers)
- Training for all event crew
- View performances and advise on changes required
Mar 2015:
- Send out Media Invitations (with request for RSVP)
- Reminder of event at the end of the month
- Confirm attendance of Guest of Honour

April 2015:
- Event mentions on various mediums a week in advance (I-S Magazine, Time Out Magazine, Events section on Life! paper, etc.)
- Setup to commence 1 day before event
- Full-dress final rehearsal to commence 3 hours before event
Dec 2014
Jan 2015
Feb 2015
Mar 2015
4 & 5 April 2015
Overall Budget
This event aims to breakeven, as the main goal is to create awareness for Singapore, its architecture and culture.

Cost for a 2 day event: $156,750

Income (Based on 5000 pax per day, 10am to 9pm) + Sponsors : $100,000

Support from STB needed: $56,750

Buffer: $2000
Adapted from Gray and Larson (2008)
A nation's culture resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people. -
Mahatma Gandhi
Publicity & Marketing:
Lim Deloras 1506368
Noor Amirah Syairah Binte Noorrashid 1503999

Sponsorship & Partnerships:
Lai Cui Feng 1501584
Chan Yu Qing 1501541

Budgeting & Risk Management:
Chang Jia Wen 1501298
Ong Jiejia 1501320

Operations (Programme/Layout):
Janessa HuiXian Kong 1501408
Liew Hwei Ting Justina 1504049

Monitoring & Evaluating:
Nicholas Sze Sing Wing 1501060
Chen yu 1506275
Our Team
Our Capabilities
Our team focuses on building good working relationships with our clients, sponsors, partners and vendors. We have been successful in meeting client objectives in all our past events.
We are a team of 10 dedicated individuals who have vast experience in running large scale events, with individuals specializing in various events management areas.
Layout not drawn to scale
Layout not drawn to scale
Layout not drawn to scale
Start up
Stage control
Stage management
Product delivery
Adapting PrinCE2 and PMBok methodologies:
• PrinCE2
• PMBok
Strategy, Objectives
10 P's
Timeline, Budget, Layout
Risk Management:
Identifying Risks, Contingency Plans
Evaluation (Closure)
• Our Methodology
Security / Lost&Found Booth

• located in the Central Region of Singapore. It has been the venue of many momentous colonial and national events in the modern history of Singapore. Rented out by the Singapore Recreation Club.
• People
• Attendees (Tourists and Locals), Event Crew, Volunteers, Media & Press.
Game Booths Layout
Audience Play Area
Back End
Layout not drawn to scale
Booths to be designed by Ong&Ong Pte Ltd (a partner in ArchiCulture SG 2015) to reflect cultural elements of the 4 races. It will be Ong&Ong's take on culture.

Food Stores to be run by famous restaurants for each cuisine.
Chinese: TungLok Group / Jumbo Seafood
Indian: Samy's Curry / The Banana Leaf Apolo
Malay: Ramly Burger / Satay / Biryani Express Singapore
Eurasian: Quentin's Eurasian Restaurant
Making your own free souvenirs
Mama shop
Souvenir Shop
And at the same time taking into consideration
Event Staging dimensions (
Silvers, 2004)....
n.b. portable toilets placed outside the tent
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