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Civil Rights Movement

US History B Project

Dani Wilbert

on 20 April 2010

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Transcript of Civil Rights Movement

Strategies Sit-Ins A tactic used by people to protest against segregation. Where prostestors sit in the "white" section in diners. Then having the chance of being beaten. Montgomery Bus Boycott Boycott of the public busses in Montgomery, Alabama in 1955 after Rosa Parks was arrested. People instead of riding buses would either carpool or walk to places. Freedom Rides Protests by African-American and caucasion activists in the 1960s who rode buses through southern states to protest their agreement with the ban on the seperated buses. March on Washington A march on Washington DC in the summer of 1963. At the end of the march MLK gave his "I Had A Dream" Speech on Lincoln Memorial. Organizations NAACP A civil rights organization for Africen Americans fighting for the freedoms they deserve. Ku Klux Klan An organization of caucasians that were trying to keep the unfair segregation of "whites and blacks" Black Panthers An organization of militant African Americans formed in 1966.
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