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Of Mice And Men

This Is book about tragic story of George Milton and Lennie Small.

Eyob Thiele

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Of Mice And Men

Mood and Tone Foreshadowing: When Lennie starts stoking Curleys wife hair, Characters By: Eyob Thiele Lennnie and George move from Weed to Soledad ,California because Lennie mistakenly accused of attempted rape from touching a girls dress. Taking a rest from walking Lennie carrys a mice and accidentally kills it by handiling to hard. Exposition Begins in the third chapter with the confrontation between Curley and Lennie. When the huge man easily crushes Curley’s hand, his strength is actually seen for the first time and foreshadows that there will be trouble on the ranch.

Lennie then enters Crooks room looking for his puppy and tells Crooks about his and Georges dream.
When Lennie plays with his puppy and it nibbles his hand.Lennie then strokes the puppy accidentally killing his puppy Rising Action Lennie George

Big man and large eyes, sloping shoulders, big strong hands.
Can't control he's strength.
likes to pet small animal

A small, wiry, quick-witted man travels with, and cares fowhor, Lennie. Curley
Mean-spirited, Hates big guys
Little aggressive young man
Likes to fight with big guys Curley's Wife She has no name
Usually desperately lonely
Shes a tart Candy Has no right hand
Old man
Tall, stoop-shouldered man
Has an old dog The action takes place in the 1930s on a ranch in the Salinas Valley in California. The novel opens with the major characters, George Milton and Lennie Small. Then moves to a close ranch where the many part of the story takes place. Setting
Tone-Sentimental, tragic, doomed, fatalistic, rustic, moralistic, comic
Style- Old fashion
Where- Soledad California
When-some time The Great Depression Mood-In the beginning lighthearted, sincere at the end is tense and dreadful. Climax Lennie is in the barn and starts hiding his puppy. Curleys wife walks in and they start talking.She then offers Lennie to touch her hair. Curleys wife screams and Lennie panics and holds her mouth.Then accidentally snaps her neck and kills her. Falling Action/Resolution Falling Action: When Curley find his wife dead threatens that he is going to shoot him. To make it as painful he wants to shoot him in the guts. Flashback and Foreshadwoing Flashback: When Lennie images his Aunt Clara and the mice. The impossibility of the American Dream Theme Friendship
Hopes and dreams Resolution: Gorge finds Lennie and kills him with carolsonds stolen lugger Toby Keith: I'm As Good Once As I Ever Was Movies Song Brubaker
Cool hand luke
The grapes of wrath
The green mile
One flew over the cuckoos nest
Glory Book Books , song and movies that relates with of mice and men Death of salesmanThe pearlLord of the flies
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