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Queens of the Middle Ages

No description

Lili Perfect

on 2 November 2014

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Transcript of Queens of the Middle Ages

Fun in the castle
If I had a child, I would hope for my child to be a male. If I had a boy it would be better for me and the king (if I was married), because if the king and I both died he could take over as the new king. I would expect him to be respectful, strong, and tolerant. It would also be very important for my child to be very sophisticated.
Everyday in the castle

Unlike other classes in the feudal system fun for me comes quite often. Entertainment is big for royalty. Jesters and mummers help set the mood. Parties are held quite often for the queen and lords. There are many games, jousts and tournaments I enjoy. Music, dancing and singing are another way to have fun in the castle.
Everyday I wear my crown. Because its my prized possession and says I have power it is very important I wear it everyday. Something I use everyday (a tool) would be my pen and paper. For me a pen and paper is important because it helps me write laws for my kingdom.
Perks of being royal
Life in a castle
Queens of the Middle Ages

Being the highest in the social class, I have the biggest home. A castle is built of brick or stone, and guarding the castle inside out are fine knights. Inside is very fancy and most everything in my castle is expensive and top brand. There are also peasants/servants from head to toe in the castle. If I had a husband (AKA the King) he would own the castle. If I was not married or I was the dominate Queen I would own the house alone.
Trendy Fashion
I live the dream when it comes to fashion. My clothes are fancy and very expensive. All my clothes I wear are only the highest and top brands. Normally I wear very bright and colorful clothes, also made out of the finest material. Almost all my clothes are comfortable, but some material might be itchy.
When it comes to the feudal system, I place in the highest class. I have power over everyone that lives in my kingdom, so Lords, Knights, Peasants, and anyone else that lives in my kingdom. If I had a husband, then he would be in charge. Say I was married, than my husband would be in charge of me. Another "perk" of being royal is that I have a crown and gold/riches. My crown is one of my prized possessions because it says I have power. My gold/riches are also important because that symbolizes that I am rich and have power.
Dinning in style
I eat 3 meals everyday, that includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Because I am royal I have the ability to eat almost anything I want. I can drink many wines, and eat many vegetables and meats. Some meats include, mutton, beef, fish, swans, seals, peacocks and pork. Vegetables and fruits include apples, garlic, carrots, plums, and tomatoes. And generally my food is seasoned.
Children in the castle
Pros and cons of a royal
There are many pros about being royal, and then there's some cons. Starting with the pros. I get to eat whatever I want, and I have many choices. Fun/ entertainment in the castle is also not a problem. Basically I have the power to do whatever I want when ever I want. Because I am royal, I live in a huge castle I live in with many servants and top class furniture. Clothes were also another pro because I had the top brand of clothes in the kingdom. The best of all though is that I have power. Without my power I wouldn't have any of this, so that's why its so important.
Now to the cons. Say I was married, and I had a child, but it wasn't a boy. If I could not have a male child I was killed by the king. Another con is I have absolutely not privacy what so ever. I constantly had servants by my side, (and if I was married) I never had alone time because I would always have to be on the kings side 24/7. If I failed at being a good queen, people in my kingdom could be against me and I could possibly be killed or disrespected.

Hopes and Fears
Being a queen can be very stressful. Starting with hopes for the future, I wish to have a successful life and to be remembered as a good queen. I would also hope to have a happy kingdom/village. It is also important for a queen to have a male child for the future. My biggest hope would be to have a powerful army and a very strong empire during the time I rule.
Some fears in my life would be being defeated or killed. Its important for me to be powerful so I don't get killed by others, or my husband (if I was married). Another big fear for be would be hated by others because I did not have a strong emperor. My biggest fear would be being defeated or overthrown by another emperor because that would say I was a weak queen.
Possible problem.......
If my area was invaded my life would change.
If I got killed or locked up by the invader I would
not just let down myself, I would also let down
everyone living in my kingdom/village. I wouldn't
have the power I had before. My people would
become very mad and disappointed in me, and
I would loose all my power. I would change from
the highest to the lowest, I would have the
exact opposite life of what I had before I was

Social status
During my research I have learned that I have power over everyone. If I had a husband he would be the only one that has power over me, in other words I have the most power. Peasants/servants are always by my side to help wit every need of mine in the castle. Peasants also have the exact opposite life of me. I also learned that without any knights we would have nothing. Knights serve a very important purpose because they are important to everyone in the social class as the military and army are important to everyone now days.
Thanks for watching
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