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The Aeneid

No description

Lily Thaman

on 22 September 2013

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Transcript of The Aeneid

The Aeneid
By: Lily Thaman, Caroline Fedders, and Savanna Woods
Aeneas's Flight from Troy
His Adventures in the Mediterranean
The Trojans, lead by Aeneas were heading to Italy
Juno was mad at Aeneas for 2 reasons
He was a Trojan. Paris, who picked Venus over her, was also a Trojan.
In the future, he would destroy her favorite city, Carthage.
Juno had the king of the winds, Aeolus, send a storm to Aeneas's fleet
“a gust of the shrill north strikes full on the sail and raises the waves up to heaven. The oars are snapped; the prow swings away and gives her side to the waves; down in a heap comes a broken mountain of water. These hang on the wave's ridge; to these the yawning billow shows ground amid the surge, where the sea churns with sand. Three ships the south wind catches and hurls on hidden rocks, rocks amid the waves which Italians call the Altars, a vast reef banking the sea.”

-Vergil's Aeneid

Neptune stopped the storms
Aeneas and his remaining ships landed on the coast of Africa in a city called Dido
Venus, Aeneas's mother, encouraged him and told him about the history of the city
Aeneas gained the favor of the queen of Dido
War Against the Italians
Aeneas lead the Trojans to Latium where he courted the the King Latinus's daughter, Lavinia
Juno decided to start a war between the Trojans and the Latins
The Trojans met King Evander of Arcadia who had a son named Pallas
Pallas sided with the Trojans and lead troops against the Latins
The Latins, lead by Turnus, attacked the Trojans and burned their ships
Turnus killed Pallas and took his belt as a trophy
Aeneas killed Mezentius, who was an ally of the Latins
The Trojans and Latins called a truce
King Latinus told Turnus to give Lavinia to Aeneas, or face him in combat
Turnus injured Aeneas
When Aeneas saw that Turnus was wearing Pallas's belt, he killed him
Turnus and Aeneas fought each other
Lavinia's mother wanted her to marry Turnus
Virgil wrote the Aeneid from 29 - 19 B.C.E.
It's an epic poem, divided into 12 books, that tells the story of Aeneas
Immigration to Italy
The Founding of a New City
Aeneas founded a city called Lavinium which was named after his wife, Lavinia
Lavinium was a religious center for Latin people
It was a port city of Latium and was 19 miles south of Rome
Worshiped the Penates and Vesta
Lavinium lasted until about 400 A.D.
"A place there is, by Greeks named Hesperia,
an ancient land, mighty in arms and in richness of the soil. There dwelt Oenotrians ; now the rumour is that a younger race has called it from their leader's name Italy.
This is our abiding home ; hence are Dardanus sprung
and father lasius, from whom first came our race."

-Vergil's Aeneid
was in modern-day Tunisia
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