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The Dashavataras

No description

Shyama Sarangi

on 14 November 2016

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Transcript of The Dashavataras

of Hinduism

Lord Vishnu's
Human Origin Mythology of Hinduism
In Hinduism, the Dashavataras explain the evolution of human origins. It is believed that Lord Vishnu the god of preservation descends to earth in the form of 10 different avatars to guide the evolution of human life throughout time.

***established before the writing of Bhagavad Gita***
-5th thru 2nd century BCE-

-Is not just your favorite gaming profile-

An avatar, derived from ancient Sanskrit, is a concept in Hinduism which means "descent", and refers to the appearance or incarnation of a deity (or god) on earth. It also refers to "alight, to make one's appearance" and sometimes used to refer to any revered guru or human being.

#2 -Avatar Kurma-
#1 -Vishnu as Matsya -

Incarnated over 200,000,000 years ago in the form of a fish

Matsya saves humanity, animals, and all plant life from a great flood (similar to the Biblical account of Noah). He leads King Manu's boat to Mount Himavan, located in the Himalaya Mountain Range.

In Darwin’s Theory of Evolution; Darwin believed that life began in the water 600 million-400 million years ago. Silurian Period.

Kurma is Vishnu’s Avatar who came as a tortoise about 1,000,000 years ago.

Represents the virtue of preservation.

He rescued the earth from being swallowed by the oceans by carrying it on his back.

Theory of Evolution = Amphibians evolved 100, 000, 000 yrs ago during the Devonian Period

#3 -Varaha, The Boar
Vishnu comes in the form of a boar named Varaha
, as the
first earth born avatar
. Lover of Earth.

As the myth explains, a demon named Hiranyaksha tired to drag the earth to the bottom of ocean. Yikes, those pesky demons! Luckily, Varaha came to the rescue by slaying the demon, then carrying the earth from the bottom of the sea - doing both deeds with his STRONG tusks.

If you guess there’s another
Darwin connection
, you’re right!
He believed that wild land
came about
60,000, 000 years ago during the Triassic Period.
Narasimha - The Man Lion
Narashima is translated from Sanskrit as animal-man.

The first avatar which appears with human characteristics.

Represents Divine Anger - indicative of human thoughts & emotion

Appears around 30,000,000 yrs ago - when Darwin has humans evolving from apes.

Narashima is a very powerful avatar who appears in the world as a very feared and powerful half lion/half human.
Vamana - The Dwarf
The first avatar to appear as fully 'Human" -short stature-
Qualities of humility & adjusting to the earth
Homo Erectus, Upright, yet short and weaponless (5 million - 2 million years ago)

#6 Parasurama Avatar
The first avatar to weapons -Axes-
-considered immortal!-

Evolutionary Tie -Bronze age
Development of first weapons -such as axe.
Homo Sapiens (350,000-100,000 years ago)
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