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Copy of Salary Inequities on Acme Manufacturing

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mohammad marjan

on 5 August 2013

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Transcript of Copy of Salary Inequities on Acme Manufacturing

Salary Inequities at Acme Manufacturing
Presented By:

Charles Kenneth Damasco
Jessa Gio
Jane Buron
Gladys Fernandez

Salary equity is a fundamental human right. It is also known as equal pay for work of equal value. Its goal is to stop discrimination related to the under-valuation of work traditionally performed by women.
Salary Inequities
Women and men seem to differ in workplace and career aspirations, which may explain why salary expectations differ. Men generally placed more importance on being a leader or manager than women (34% of men versus 22% of women), and want jobs with high levels of responsibility (25% v 17%). Women, however want to work for a company with high corporate social responsibility and ethical standards; men are more interested in prestige (31% v 24%).
Joe Blackenship was trying to figure out what to do about a problem salary situation he had in his plant.
Blackenship recently took over a president of Acme Manufacturing
The company was a family business. it has approximately 250 employees and was the largest employer in the community.

A short time after joining the Acme. Blackenship notice that there was considerable inequity in the pay structure of employees.
Human resource director and 3 female supervisors were paid somewhat less than any of the male supervisors. When asked the HR director said she thought the female superviersors may have been paid at a lower rate mainly because they are women.
Salary Inequities with men and women
Blackenship believed he had four choices relative to the female supervisors
1.To do nothing.
2.To Gradually Increase the female supervisors salaries.
3.To Increase their salaries immediately
4.To call the three supervisors into his office discuss the situation with them and decide what to do

1.What would you do if you were Blackenship?

2.How do you think the company got into a situation like this in the first place?

3.Why would you suggest Blackenship pursue the alternative you suggested?
To identify and solve the case incident regarding Salary inequities at Acme Manufacturing.

To learn from errors and make right decisions regarding this relative situation in the future.
This is quite typical and quite common - without realistic procedures this what happens and its why women tend to be underpaid

Doing nothing isn't attractive in the long term. Sooner or later particulalry as it will be known the study was done.something will come out and if the company hasn't moved then they have an explosive situation on their hands probably being sued and with some very demotivated supervisors on their hands.
He should explain to the women that the company wishes to regrade the jobs and change them. He needs to tell them that there it would be good for neither party for them to sue as the company would then make the case they did not do exactly the same job, the whole issue would drag on and in the meantime they would be paying legal costs and getting nothing. He needs to speak to them rationally and explain that his situation. the company has to consider what is finanically possible or none will have a job. If the supervisors can't be reasonable are they really people he wants to employ? similarly he needs to tell the men we are in the 21st century and they need to expect to have equal pay with women.
3.it is finanically unaffordable and would create an immediate backlash from the male supervisors so given the women haven't yet complained they may well see that the company is good to work for as it is prepared to do sometihng without being asked or threatened.
4 I think is a bad idea as that meeting could well get out of hand if he just tells people they aren't being properly paid and what would they like to do. Without a definite course of action in mind they could well get increasingly angry and unreasonable. Wouldn't end well.
If i were Blackenship i would have held a meeting w/ 3 front line supervisors and convinced them for restructing of salaries

Secondly, Addressing the team of senior management ( 3 supervisor, 1hr director any one male senior counterpart from remaining male about this salary alignment process:)

Take everyone's suggestions too as this step would bring in streamlining of salary, sex equality and team spirit

What would you do if you were Blackenship?

i think it's the ignorance in the job evaluation, underestimation of female employees, because most of the female employees have earning husbands.
How do you think the company got into a situation like this in the first place?
Why would u suggest Blackenship to Pursue the alternative you suggested?
Change with the time is a must, ethical practice is a must in the business, it boost the business through motivated employees, we learn from trial and errors. not taking decision on time can be disastrous for future of any business
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