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Environmentaly Friendly Presentation

Presentation for adults

Isabelle Shaw

on 21 May 2010

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Transcript of Environmentaly Friendly Presentation

How to save the Environment!! RECYCLING! Paper recycling - To produce each week's Sunday newspapers, 500,000 trees must be cut down. So use trees from a re-newable rainforest, maybe? Plastic recycling - Plastic bags and other plastic garbage thrown into the ocean kill as many as 1,000,000 sea creatures every year! USE A BIN! Some ways to save the environment! Have a compost bin and put your organic waste in it.
Use public transport if you can.
Separate your garbage and recycle.
paper waste.
Be careful what you wash down the sink (avoid disposing of oil, paint or hazardous chemicals).

SAVE WATER! Only run your washing machine and dishwasher when you have a full load.
8. Store tap water in a bottle in the fridge rather than running the water every time you want a cold drink.

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