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Movie & Television Industry Structure

No description

William Machado

on 8 March 2013

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Transcript of Movie & Television Industry Structure

THERE WHERE SIX... These companies provided production, distribution and exhibition.

Integration. "THE BIG SIX" MOVIE & TV INDUSTRY STRUCTURE By, William Machado This all came to an end with the Paramount Decision in 1948 ` No more:
Clearance & Run/
Block booking
Pooling Agreements
Discrimination Walter Elias Disney
12/05/1901-12/15/1966 INDIES:
Studios INDIES:
Studios Movie Studios Today d DreamWorks David Geffen
Jeff Katzenberg
Steven Spielberg DISNEY'S FATE $7.4 Billion=Steve Jobs -Founder Pixar Studios
-Largest Shareholder
-Director of Disney Board
-Car's Franchise INDEPEDENT
STUDIOS 1927 1934 Television Industry
Stucture Televison Structure -Terrestrial Television (1930's)

-Cable Television (1960's)

-Satellite Television (1990's) Movie Studios Today
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