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fashion design for Titania and Oberon

No description

amy jimin

on 25 May 2016

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Transcript of fashion design for Titania and Oberon

This is Oberon in his casual wear.He is wearing a shirt made by fishing net and he is wearing a fishing hat cap.His pants was made by alga that growed in ocean.The brand name is called bulletproof and the theme is the fishing net.
This is Titania in her casual wear.She holds a huge flower stick in her right hand and her left hand is holding a coconut.Her clothes were made by coconut and some lace are designed below the skirt.The brand name is called Vmin.The theme is raleted to coconut and it shows Hawaii Style.
This is Oberon in his casual wear.He is wearing a necklace made by bamboo and a soft green pants.Oberon wears a comfortable pants because he can climb up the bamboo tree very eaily.Also he is holding a bamboo in his hand.This brand name is called JIMIN and the theme of the clothe is bamboo.It shows Oberon is a brave man.
This is Titania in her casual wear.Her blouse and skirt is separated.The belt,boots,and sleeves were made by leaf.The brand name is called sugahope and the theme is related to ocean.The set of clothes are blue as the theme.
video of Titania and Oberon
fashion design for Titania and Oberon
This is Titania's ceremony outfit.The whole skirt was made by tulips including her necklace ,ear ring and shoes.When she wears this dress,the butterflies all around her.This brand name is called Btsgabbna and the themes are butterfly and tulip.The dress shows elegance and nobility.
Fashion design for Titania Oberon
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