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Amsterdam by Tapperworks

Amsterdam in 3D

Jeroen Tapper

on 28 November 2013

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Transcript of Amsterdam by Tapperworks

7 am
Picking up garbage happens a lot in the morning. There are no people on the streets (yet). You can see by the shadows that the sun is very low.
It must be early morning.
Some textures are added on the exterior surfaces and a few extra lights in the interior are added to make the scene even more vivid.
The bike as being typical Dutch is added to the 3D-scene as well
as the trees to create shadows to get the right ambience.
The high buildings give context to the houses as being in the city nearby downtown or business center while the small trees make the houses look pretty big by themselves.
hi @nd low
The trees, the 'green' up front and the bird in the sky are added to create a balanced composition.
@ bird in the sky
The added oldmobile car in combination with the 'modern' grafitti makes the image quiet timeless and makes you wonder.
b@ck 2 the future
The extra streetlights give more details to the near objects while the focus of the camera blur the high buildings in the back.
@nd there was light
wonder about what?
OK then... what year is it?
wonder about the bird?
OK... this is easy:
It is an African or an European pigeon.
think of the environment
@nd don't forget to sort out the green, paper and glass
In Dutch these kind of houses are called "Herenhuizen".
In UK that would be something like: "Gentlemen's Houses",
but that sounds a bit strange :-)
without light there wouldn't be architure
(at least.. not 2b seen)
artworks & rendering by Tapperworks
by Jeroen Tapper
By the way... the horse is not a small living animal we Dutch keep in our backyards, but just swing toy for kids to play with :-)
previously named Rappet Eye Productions
2001: started as Rappet Eye Productions
2007: new name Tapperworks
to see more u can visit htpp://www.tapperworks.nl
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